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How, by your votes for sinful men, you cast your vote for or against God

Published in The Dave Leach (State) Representative, May 2000 AD, distributed door to door in House District #67, Des Moines' South Side

Ken Richards and Dave Leach are your choices for State Prepresentative, on the Republican ticket for the June 6 primary, South side of Des Moines, District #67

Ken Richards and I are too alike for mere chance. Yet even that helps make your choice clear.

To find out if people like red houses better than blue, you let them choose between a red and blue house which are otherwise alike. You "isolate" the factor you want to test, by making as many other factors, as possible, identical.

God is letting you choose between two candidates which are as alike as two candidates can be, except for one very important difference, so that the basis of your choice will be very clear.

Do you like a candidate who quotes the Bible to back up his political positions? Who wants man's statutes to conform with God's Laws? Who pleads with voters to insist upon that in candidates, and to lift high in the public eye the Banner of Almighty God? Who says that is our only hope of recovering our eroding freedoms? Then you will probably vote for me.

Or are you more comfortable with candidates who limit their oral acknowledgement of Jesus Christ, who gave His life that we might have Life, to an occasional "God Bless America" at the end of a speech? Then you will probably vote for Ken.

Ken and I were both inspired by Alan Keyes, who explains how our freedoms rest on acknowledging that our "unalienable rights" are a gift of our "Creator". He explains why we cannot retain our freedoms if we enact laws which violate our rights as given by our Creator. But even Keyes seems unready to state the next logical step, that the place we must go, to see how our Creator defines our rights, is the Bible.

But since that really is the next logical step, I look for Ken, and Keyes, to take it any day now. Actually I am glad, for your sakes, that Ken has not yet taken this step, so that this demonstration may take place, John 11:15.

In no way should this discussion be taken as criticism of Ken, just because he has not yet jumped into the same waters I have, which by this generation are untested and uncharted, though Living. On important matters, he will vote pretty much as I would vote, which places him, as a candidate, very high in my esteem. Should you, by God's miraculous Grace, elect me, I hope he will run against Matt McCoy, who has defied God by voting civil rights for cross dressers, and I hope you will elect Ken.

Keyes has said the reason he stops at the Declaration is because that is a common heritage of all Americans, but not all Americans reverence the Bible. The truth is that the Bible is more entrenched in America's Heritage than the Declaration. You can only say the Bible is not something all Americans have in common if you speak only of the hearts of this generation of Americans. But in the hearts of this generation, the Declaration's roots don't go very deep, either.

Many will watch this test. If I am elected, people will say "A Bible quoter actually got elected!" Political weathervanes will spin a little to the right. Good people who love God's Word, but who have always found political discussion hostile to it, will take courage and come out of hiding, rejoicing.

If I am not elected, people will say "I thought so! You have to make your choice: if you want to witness, you have the right. But if you want to win, don't witness!" The weathervanes, already almost all the way to the left, will rust in place. Good people who love God's Word will have further confirmation for their despair, and will continue to abandon politics, leaving it to be run by pagans who love neither God nor His Laws; nor, indeed, any law. (When a man does not even respect the laws of God, why is anyone surprised that he regards the laws of men only as something to be manipulated?)

Thats your choice. For a brief explanation of why my own choice has been Gods Word over my own, see "Slavery" on page 2.


I know how to "play politician"


(Paraphrase/application of Philippians 3:4-9, 13-15)

I could be play "ordinary politician" as well as anyone else

I could fill my precious space with boasting about my political accomplishments like anybody else.

I was raised with a political heritage: my grandfather formed the Iowa Bandmasters Association, managed the enactment of the Iowa Band Law, and formed the Des Moines Municipal Band while encouraging many other town bands across Iowa. I have been a conservative Republican since 1987, and I am listed in Who's Who in America.

Concerning zeal, I have spent many years lobbying at my own expense; I have published the Prayer & Action News for 11 years, which has covered Iowa legislation in detail and which got me listed in Who's Who in Media and Communications. Concerning my personal life, it is scandal-free, by the Grace of God. (See "About Ed" for more details. About P&A News and Who's Who, that is.)

But I have learned that all that knowledge, all that passion, all those credentials, are a waste of time, unless they are built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ.

Without a doubt, far greater statesmen than I are stuck in the mire because they do not, will not, or can not utilize the far more excellent knowledge of Jesus Christ contained in His Word! For love of which I have suffered the loss of worldly honor, which I count as dung when it censors Christ!

I don't want you to follow me: but to follow, alongside me, Him whom I follow. Do not look for victory from the power of our own efforts alone, but from the power of God miraculously transforming us into fighting machines, and going before us with miracles beyond the vision of flesh.

I'm not perfect. But forgetting past mistakes, and reaching ahead, I press on, towards the vision which God has placed before us.

Let us all take courage and march together. Even when some feel they should march in the opposite direction, God has the power to draw us together in unity



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