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The following letter was mailed May, 2000 AD to the approximately 350 churches in Des Moines.

I received no responses, and the rally described was not held. I, with my Christian opponent in the Republican primary,

did meet with one church board. We could not overcome the resistance of one board member.

However, Noah Hutchings, of the nationwide radio ministry, Southwest Radio Church,

was in Des Moines about that time, and by God's Grace wrote me a powerful endorsement letter.



the Partnership Machine, Inc. / 137 E. Leach / Des Moines Iowa 50315


Dear Pastor,

We want to know your answers to these questions, and we want to share your answers with Des


1. Should man's laws conform to God's laws?

2. Is God sovereign over human lawmakers?

3. Should Christians select lawmakers who will avoid conflicts between mans and

Gods laws?

4. Should those who study God's laws communicate with those who fashion man's

laws, to reduce conflicts?

5. Should Christians be taught, or be encouraged to study together, what God's Word

says about public issues?

6. Rather than offend tithes-paying members by preaching against popular, legally

protected sins which schools teach as legitimate "choices", is it better to focus on

"preaching (whats left of) the Gospel"?


We offer options for how you can share your answers:

* The Uncle Ed. Show on channel 15. We will gladly air your statement, in length anywhere between 30 seconds and 30 minutes. We will bring our camera to your office, and film either in your office or outside, with your church or church sign as the backdrop.

* The website. We will post your printed statement of 30 to 3,000 words.

* A "Was Washington Right?" rally in May (time not yet set). Political candidates of all parties will be welcome at this rally, but there will be no "express advocacy" of any candidate, so that by law it will not be a "political" event. (Candidates will not, by law, even be allowed to report any expenses incurred, in relation to this event, as "campaign expenses".) It will be an opportunity for politicians and pastors to endorse God's sovereignty over the deliberations of men. It will be an opportunity to endorse the relevance, of God's Word, to public discussion of the rules by which our society chooses to bind itself. It will be an opportunity to proclaim the right, which Christians have, to be heard when lawmakers discuss which sins to protect, and which sins to prohibit.

In Jesus Name (Col 3:17)

Dave Leach, PM


About us: The Partnership Machine (PM) is an educational nonprofit corporation subject to the same political restrictions as churches: we may allow information to flow, but may not announce official conclusions about who to vote for. The PM has published the Prayer and Action News since 1989, has sponsored The Uncle Ed. Show since 1995, and has hosted the website since 1998. Dave Leach, PM president and publisher, is currently recognized in several Whos Who publications, including Whos Who in America and Whos Who in Media and Communications, for his work with PM.

Dave Leach is currently a candidate for State Representative. As a Republican, he faces Ken Richards, another John 3:3 Christian, in the June 6 primary in Des Moines south side. But the purpose of the rally they hope to co-host in May would not, as noted above, be classified as "political", but would be strictly, in IRS language, "educational", or in Biblical language, "giving God the glory" , Rev 14:7.

(Second Page: Supplementary Information)


Why I quote Scripture in Political forums by Dave Leach


If Christian votes were the end of my vision, I am sure courting them the hard way! Why would anyone, motivated only by winning, take such risks over Christian votes, when not that many Christians vote? The safer way is to stick to Biblically derived positions, occasionally say a code phrase like "God bless America", and say nothing more about faith except when asked privately.

But electing Christians that way only slows the tide of tyranny. Only publicly quoted Scripture can stop the tide, for the reasons listed below. My goal is such public openness to Scripture that candidates can quote it and still be elected! I work to become elected, not to do a little good in secret after I slip under the Devils radar screen on Capitol Hill, but for the vision of an army of uncensored Christians marching straight up the Hill in broad daylight, in the mighty Name of God, Maker and Ruler of Heaven and Earth!

I share Thomas Jeffersons conviction that the "only firm basis" of "the liberties of a nation" is "a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the Gift of God". He and his peers studied the Bible, as they wrote things like the First Amendment, in order to reduce conflicts between mans laws and Gods laws. They understood this Gift of God, Liberty.

We are aboard the U.S.S. Liberty, the Ship of State, drifting on the Waters of Tyranny towards the Cliffs of Relativism. Our Anchor, the Bible, hangs by the Chain of the Declaration of Independence. But when the use of our Anchor is suggested, the sailors are shocked.

Others cling heroically to the Anchor, but they would let the ship sink! Though well aware of Tyranny leaking in, they will not take their turn at the Bilge Pumps of Christian witness in those forums where society decides which sins to protect, and which to prohibit.

We need to reattach the anchor to the ship.

As long as the "B" and "J" words are censored aboard the U.S.S. Liberty, she is guaranteed to sink before reaching her Romans 13:4 Port, for four deadly reasons:

+ When passion for a problem is inspired, not by human logic, but by Gods Word, but the world hears every reason BUT the One that inspires passion, the finest logic does not persuade, but rather appears odd; and even scandalous, the farther society recedes from God.

+ Even when a problem clearly exists, but is hard to understand, and harder to solve, and only oppresses "others", only Gods Words about Love have the power to make voters care. (Ie. Lev 19:34) It takes little love to support a well meaning law. It takes Bible-inspired love to monitor the bureaucracy it creates, and cut red tape designed less to serve, than to justify budgets and sustain petty tyrants. Tedious, technical legal changes can never attract public interest in a secular environment where Scripture is suppressed.

+ Even when a complicated problem is clearly understood, and passionately cared about by many people, who are the victims of the problem, they are helpless where Scripture is suppressed. They cannot find the courage to stand against their oppressors without hearing Scriptures about faith, answered prayer, the need to lay everything on the line in order to gain anything worth gaining, the miracle-working Power of God, and Gods compassion for "the least of" Jesus brothers oppressed by "lawyers" who "lade men with burdens grievous to be borne," who "touch not the burdens with one of your fingers." Luke 11:46.

+ Where Scripture is not heard, sin is unrestrained in the people, who then tolerate it in their leaders, and even detest Godly leaders. Sin encourages the anarchy of lawbreaking, until people cry for order through the chains of a slave state!

My personal answers to the cover letter questions are: (1), Mat 5:19, 15:1-9. (2), Psalm 2. (3), Jeremiah 29:7. (4), Psalms 72:1, 1 Tim 2:1. (5), 1 Cor 12:28, Ps 119:35, 1 Pet 3:15, Col 3:17. (6) Ez 3:18-20.



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