"Bring me your Tired, Your Poor...." I repair instruments which other shops call "unrepairable". I repair all brands, in any condition; I like a challenge, and I try to make every one play "like new".

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I used to take music lessons, just like you. I entered solo contests every February, just like you.

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1-3 day repair service For most repairs, most of the year! While-you-wait service on most repairs of instruments rented from us! Virtually never does one of our rental customers have to wait more than a day. And even during busy season, we can often turn out woodwind repads in a week. (String repairs requiring consecutive gluing operations take longer, of course.)

"No Complaints" repair service I have 30 years' experience repairing all band and orchestra instruments. I offer a 6-month warranty on repads and overhauls, and a one month warranty on minor repairs. (Excluding obvious abuse or neglect.) We have many satisfied repeat customers: teachers, parents, and performers. When a repair comes back, which is seldom, we make the adjustments at no charge, even if they might have been necessitated by weather or minor abuse. If a repair ever comes back a third time, I would offer free pickup and delivery for any Des Moines customer.

Quality String Repairs Sent to Chicago For discriminating musicians who send their instruments to Chicago rather than use quick, convenient, quality local service, we, too, have the ability to send your instruments to Chicago. I can ship them to my son, who actually lives there. He can send them back to me and I can repair them then, so that you will not have to lose face before your friends. For ultra-discriminating musicians who prefer to send your repair needs to New York, my sister lives there, too.

String repair prices: violins and violas: bow rehairs $30. New bridge: $15. Re-glue neck: $20. Repair, pin, and re-glue broken neck: $50. Cracks in the top: $50 + $10 for each crack. Peg replacement: $15 per peg. Nuts, Saddles, End pins: $10. String replacement: $2/string labor + cost of string (includes re-doping pegs, and resetting fine tuners.)

Price quotes given before work begins. If we find more to repair than we saw at the time of the quote, we will stick to the quote, unless it is significant enough to call you to authorize the additional repair, before we proceed.


Clarinet, flute repads, $125; Overhauls, $150.

Alto Sax, Oboe repads, $200; oboe overhauls, $220; alto overhauls, $400-600.

Tenor Sax repads, $250; overhauls, $400-650.

Trumpet, Trombone overhauls: $200-260.

Repads: completely dissassemble and clean; all new pads, and replacement of springs, corks, screws, and felts as needed. Overhauls; same as repads except metal is polished. On brass horns, metal is polished and re-lacquered. Economy overhaul is not as perfect in appearance, and is done more quickly. Prices based on only minor dent removal; major dents extra.

Single cork joints for clarinet, $5; sax, $8. Typical cost of replacing one pad: $5 clarinet, $10 sax. Chemical cleaning and minor valve/slide work for trumpets and trombones: $30.




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