Link to video of our Family Music Center band, the Treble Makers

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I wasn't always a professional musician. I began as a clerk at the Family Music Center, working for cat food. Every January I had to help count the inventory. Here I'm stalking high notes.

These pictures and captions are for the months of my calendar. Click on each picture to advance to the next month's pictures and to review products and services of Family Music Center where I used to work. (I'm retired now. Now I just go in at night to catch up on my mice.)

Kids! In my story for each month, I hide the name of the month in my story! Except this month, where I made it real easy. Email Music@Saltshaker.US and tell me where it is hidden, and I will send you a FREE PRIZE!!!! (It won't be worth much, but it will be FREE!!!)


Music Contents

January: Introduction

February: Repair Shop

March: Secrets of Scales & key signatures

April: "The Lesson No One Expected" (An Amazing Story featuring the Practice Fairy!)

May: Maintenance for musical instruments

June: "The Music Wars" (An Adventure Story about Superhero Angels and the Minstrels of Darkness!)

July: Basic accessories

August: How to practice, and how MUCH to practice! (Moms and dads: This is such universal advice about how to succeed, that it will even tell you how to LOSE WEIGHT!)

September: Rental Plan, Store History

October: Dr. Screech's Family Band Method (a very basic, easy to read very beginning CARTOON method, with easy-to-understand theory basics helpful for students who have played a few years -- great for parents helping their children)

November: Join the Treble Makers! - Family Music Center Student Band! A wonderful opportunity for kids who are serious about music and who don't mind being on Youtube! Parents welcome too!

December: Music Store Ethics Statement

Next Year: Surprise!




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