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Will You Hear?

By David Lane

Jesus calling, will you hear?

Or flog with whip, and drive with spear?

"Come to me! Be Born Again!

Escape from Hell's eternal pain!"

Will you take the nail-scarred hand

And walk on t'wards the Promised Land?

Will you slap that hand once torn,

Spit on the head that held your thorn?

Be certain you will rue your way

Forever on, from Judgment Day!



--David Lane

Whispers echo softly

across this mighty land,

Softly, speaking gently

to those who understand.

Urging,forward, onward,

onward towards the prize,

Onward t'wards the future:

the Kingdom in the skies.

Share God's Good News! Share with

a world with hungry eyes.

Rescue unborn children.

Your duty don't despise.

Loving, giving, sharing,

for all the world to see,

To give the world the Savior,

peace for eternity.

Whispers echo softly

across this mighty land,

Softly, speaking gently

to those who understand.

David Lane says about his following trilogy of poems: "The first two, The Sky and Living Music, are a bit abstract, I know. I love to watch the creative power of God in sunsets and sunrises as well as clouds. I love music, especially the singing of birds."



--David Lane

As I lay upon the ground,

Gaze skyward bound

To see what wonders of the sky

In clouds are found.

Island castles float on high

Where falcons roam,

And eagles fly.

Celestial wonders

Rends rapture from the heart.

The majesty of sunsets

Sends shivers from the start.

I hold my breath

As sky grows dim.

And sun sweeps over

Earth's dark rim.

Into the darkness.



Living Music

--David Lane

Music, painting pictures

On the canvas of my mind.

Cascading through my thoughts

Like a raging river

With wide strokes,

New images blaze therein

Like a fire that burns,

But does not consume,

But spreads and changes

The colors of life.




--David Lane

The night was dark

The billows rolled,

The waves were high

The hearts were cold.

They were afraid,

Afraid to trust

The One who formed us

From the dust.

He spoke a word,

The sea was calm.

They were afraid

He'd do them harm.

He was their God,

They knew not yet

His love for them.

His love for them.



--David Lane

Hear the herald tell the news,

All salted with their Christian views.

With boldness, wit and keen insight,

They're not afraid to say what's right.

Order some and some to share;

To show the preborn that you care.

Order now, and send today!

Subscriptions for the P&A!



Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the burning of a mill!

Open season on abortion! Time to chase them down the hill!

Let us march with God's great Army following God's perfect will!

'Cause Life is marching on!

Glory, Glory Hallelujah (3x) Our God is marching on!

In the spirit of John Brown we've finally come to take a stand --

come to rescue precious children from the butcher's bloody hand.

Let us show these baby killers that it's time to leave the land!

'Cause God is marching on!

It is time for Active Duty in God's Army! Join our squad!

Satan's biggest gun is Apathy, which spills innocent blood.

Choose your side, 'cause Jesus spits you out if you're lukewarm for God!

Let Faith go marching on!

The Bible says hard things which we don't like to bear in mind

'cause the praise of men can make a Bible totin' Christian blind.

It can make a Christian soldier turn and shoot us from behind.

God's Word goes marching on!


by Brian Charles

There's something in the air. In the Spirit everywhere. Giving the

devil a scare!

The end time battle in these days. The curtain's being raised. This

wisdom will amaze!

God is raising men For the final war to win. Completely without sin!

Like Pharaoh of old, And Herod so bold. Now the infants' bodies lay


Satan tries to thwart God's plan, But he doesn't know the Man. Though

he tries as hard as he can!

God's glory on display, It's Him they will obey. Repentance and revival

all day!

The deceived have met their doom. In hell there is room. To heaven

the saved will zoom!

[Brian also reports: Things are going fine here for the most part.]



by David Lane

Behold! Awake! The prophets cry!

And save those being sent to die.

The blood, it flows across the land.

The righteous need to take a stand;

We hear the government say, "No!"

A gentle voice of Love says "Go!"

To whom obey, obey the call,

Onward for the children all.

Fight abortion, join the strife,

For babies, Jesus, honor life.

Oh take the sword, shout loud and clear.

God's army, formed, now draweth near.





David Lane

Words spoke out to empty space.

Worlds came forth in gentle grace.

Words spoke next to dust and ground,

On seas and lands were set their bounds.

Words spoke forth -- sprang up the plants.

Then animals, from dogs to ants.

Words spoke, came forth once again:

From dust came forth the marvel, man.

Words came forth to barren ground,

Sin in hearts, behold, was found.

Words spoke peace, so full of Love

To show the Way to God above.

Words spoke out and action went;

Jesus came to earth, was sent.

Words spoke, "I'm the Way, Truth, Light."

The sick were healed, the blind found sight.

Words spoke -- be born, born again,

To happiness -- the promised land.




David Lane

I am alive, though very small.

Your naked eye can't see at all.

I am alive, my heart beats strong;

Growing steady, the time goes on.

I am a person, understand,

Formed more each day by God's great Hand.

I am alive; I hear a sound,

Buzzing, humming all around.

I am alive; I am in pain!

No one to help; I swim in vain.

I'm dying now, my tortures flare.

From darkness, light now fills the air!

I am in heaven; oh, pure delight!

Awakened from a wicked night!



David Lane

Join the army, hear the call

To help the helpless children small.

Abortion scythe, it takes their lives.

Against this scourge we struggle, strive.

Arise! Oh saints of God I tell,

And send this plague on back to hell.

The babes are dying for your love!

Your call has come from up above:

Rescue those taken to slaughter.

Will you do what you know you oughter?



The day was dark, the outlook black.

But Joshua chose to attack.

They said that giants ruled the land.

We have the Lord - His mighty Hand.

They were afraid, afraid to trust;

For 40 years they walked in dust.

The days were dark, the outlook black

for abolitionists' attack.

The slavers ruled in Southern lands,

Until the righteous chose to stand.

Freedom comes when we will fight

and trust in God, and do what's right.

The days are dark, the outlook black.

When will the Army of God attack!

Are we afraid, afraid to fight?

To save the children, do what's right?

Possessions cling, and comforts hold;

They steal our courage, leave us cold.

Will we lie still as babies die?

Or fight to save them -- at least try?

Don't just sit there, agree and nod.

Start fighting NOW, Army of God!!!



Master of the Void

a collection of poems by

David Lane

Do you feel a void inside,

From which you try to run and hide?

Have you tried, that void, to fill,

but all your trying was so nill?

Have you tried to kill the pain,

and watched it come again, again?

Listen to the words I say

To make that feeling go away.

Jesus loves you with such love,

He left His throne on High above!

Your sins He took, He took your place!

Your death! The wage of sin! Disgrace!

He rose again and sits on high.

Come to Him! You can -- just try!

Just ask Him in your heart; be bold.

He wants you for His Son, I'm told.

He won't reject or get annoyed,

He'll give you peace and fill that void.

Come to Him Today!

For God so loves you that He sent His only begotten Son to die so that if you believe and receive Jesus as your Savior, you will be given eternal life and be spared your sentence in hell. --John 3:16 paraphrased



Into the void of empty space,

Eternity of darkness, night;

into that darkness spoke a Voice!

Creation bloomed! His grand delight!

And then, behold His Master plan:

in dust reflected, His fair sight!

But image only; just a man,

who fell from grace, a ghastly plight!

But Jesus heard the prayers we cried.

Into our void there came a light!

And on a hill, a cross, He died,

The penalty of sin he paid, made right.

He died for you, He died for me.

Accept this gift, a grand delight.

Jesus loves you!



Now the deepest dark of night,

The world is sunk in sin, and lost.

The time is right for church to fight,

To struggle on despite the cost.

The church was sent to be a light;

To show the world that God is boss.

Be salt and light for all to see

the way towards eternity.

Christ Jesus is the Only Way,

So come to Him this very day.

Jesus saves!




by David Lane

The porn shops twinkle in the night--

Upon our nation, a plague, a blight.

Abortion mills abound today,

And kill children every day.

Politicians lie, they lie a lot.

Our president is smoking pot.

The queers are bent to have their say,

And trample those caught in the way.

There once were people here who cared;

They loved this land, their love they shared.

It's the churches, they're asleep.

Say not a word, not even peep.

And some day soon our nation dies,

And laments start to shake the skies.

As a song was sung by sage,

Where were you when the battle raged?

The A.O.G. --join now today!!


Acrostic submitted by D. Lane

B = Basic

I = Instructions

B = Before

L = Leaving

E = Earth


J = Jesus first

O = Others second

Y = Yourself third


G = God's

R = Riches

A = At

C = Christ's

E = Expense



by David Lane

I've been in here for some time now,

just spinning, dancing all around --

Oh, lots of dreams and lots of sound.

I was so tiny. How I grew!

Soon I'll be as big as you.

You know, today a horn I heard,

And possibly a singing bird.

Ho wait, there's something on the way --

moving all around today.

I know, I know: I'm being born!

There is a pull upon my leg!

Too soon, too soon, I scream and shout!

As agony sets in, I beg.

I'm out almost up to my neck.

I'm almost free, so what the heck.

So what's a few days born too soon.

I'll see the sky, the sun and moon.

There is a sharp pain in my head --

I screamed for help in vain. I'm dead.




by David Lane

Warmth and comfort all around,

With crazy, wacky, fuzzy sound.

All day long I swim around,

Safe in the womb, all safe and sound.

Then one day there came a sound,

Vibrating, buzzy, all around.



No Teddy Bears

by David Lane

Tender shades of pink and blue

Bring children to our minds, it's true.

It brings to mind the thoughts of toys

And precious little girls and boys.

But, this day across our land

Some children died without a hand.

No teddy bears. Their little hearts,

their tiny bodies: torn apart.

All was warm, all safe and sound;

Now is pain, and all around.

They cried for help, but no one came.

Day after day, the same, the same.

Please will you help, or even try.

Do you love me? Must I die?

Please help us today!




by David Lane

They come in stealth, quick in the night,

To unborn children, real delight.

A bang, a shout, smoke puffs, a light!

The A.O.G. has come in might.

They came to heed the helpless call.

To rescue children, save them all.

Join the forces, join today.

A.O.G. Charge on, away!!



Alongside God

By Gadget oops, this isn't David Lane

I fight with God

We struggle so

I know he's right

He loves me though

I say "I'm weak!"

He says, "Just right!

It's not your war

let's use MY might."

A prison cell

a potter's grave

may be our fate,

but lives we'll save.

I need your help

'ere night does pass.

I'll bring the match;

you bring the gas.

Ask your grand folks

'bout the tune:

"Praise the Lord, & pass the



The Boy

By David Lane

All my friends said "come and see

the one who sets the captives free!

Ask your mom to pack a lunch.

You'll need it there, I have a hunch!"

You packed two fish and then some bread.

"Be careful! Don't stay late!" you said.

Off I went to find the crowd,

and saw a nice man speaking loud,

surrounded by a dozen men.

Told us to be born again.

I took this man to be my King!

My God! I'd give him anything!

A man named Peter came my way.

Asked for my lunch. Took it, did say,

"This lad has little. Not enough

for all these people! Times are tough!"

I wept that I could give no more.

Now hungry, I was just too poor.

But He thanked, and blessed, and smiled,

and broke my poor gift. Folks went wild

when my small lunch became a feast

for thousands, fam'lies, soldiers, priests!

And last of all, back came the scraps!

Twelve baskets full upon our laps!

An hour ago I thought I'd starve!

And now I'm stuffed, a tub of lard.

So, honest, mom! I did not steal!

That's just what happ'nd to your fine meal!


Power In Faith

By David Lane

A solid wall of flesh, he stood.

Israel's arms and God withstood.

A tower of strength, a pillar of power,

he bragged and boasted, hour by hour!

The warrior's creed, he'd held since birth:

by strength of sword, he measured worth!

He challenged God afresh each day

until a youngster stood in his way.

He came with faith and power of prayer

and stones, and left a giant slayer.


Acts 3:1-8

By David Lane

As he sat outside the gate,

He knew the time was growing late.

All alone, no one to help.

His legs maimed since he was a whelp.

Two strangers came to help one day,

and looked at him in such a way.

"Have you got some silver, gold?

For a poor man, crippled, old?"

"Money?! We've a higher goal!

What we have is for your soul!"

Then their shout the heavens rocked:

"Arise my friend! GET UP AND WALK!"

Not only did he walk by chance:

once on his feet, began to dance!

Loud praise flowed freely from his heart

to God who loved him from the start!

God who loves not just him, but you,

what He did then, He'll do for you.



By David Lane

The day was beautiful and bright

when came forth a Canaanite

to look for Jesus, whom she found,

to help her daughter, demon bound.

Her "please" was met by angry sound.

Disciples didn't want her around.

Still she came. Her faith was strong.

The Lord said "Come. Come on along.

Should children's food to dogs be fed?"

"No, but to scraps they will be led."

"Your faith is strong", the Master said.

"Go find your daughter safe in bed."

The demons gone, an end to strife,

From Jesus Christ. The Lord of Life.



He's easier to find now

By David Lane

A king in a manger,

He lay in the hay.

The Wise Men brought gold

to worship and pray.

They followed a star

from far away lands,

across the vast deserts

and through burning sands.

Have you met the savior?

Begin at the start:

stop putting Him off.

Ask Him into your heart.


Dire Marked Days

By David Lane

Born in days of evil, dark.

"To live you must accept the mark.

You must reject the Bible; see,

accept OUR God! Or -- penalty!"

"Deny the LORD?! You must be mad!

He is the only hope I had!

His love for me is, oh, so great!

His name I will forever state!"

"Renounce Him NOW! Or you will die!

We'll make you scream and even cry!

Just take the mark. Then all goes well.

There's really no such thing as hell."

"Renounce the Lord?! I'd rather die!

The Lord, my Brother, sits on high.

He died for me, my life of sin,

His enemy, by love did win.

He saved my soul eternally,

forever, always, truly free."

"Bring forth the axe! Lay on the block!"

A swishing sound, and then a knock.

Away to glory, angels take

from death to Life! Awake! Awake!

Death, death, go away.

Jesus is my Lord today.

Yesterday you held much fear.

Now I see your purpose clear.

When for souls you stalk and roam,

to Jesus, you bring souls back home.



By David Lane

To men inside the upper room,

fire came with a loud rush - VA VOOM!!

The Holy Spirit came with power!

And gave them boldness from that hour.

Then to the streets! Began to preach,

3,000 for the Lord did reach!

From spark to flame the church did grow.

Onward it spread, grand inferno!

Souls were saved who came to Life,

who left their bondage and their strife.

Jesus sets the captives free.

Accept Him now and you will see.


Thank you all

By David Lane

Thank you for your love that day.

I, t'ward death, was on my way.

My mommy was confused and scared.

The lies were good and well prepared.

They told her I was just a blob.

A little piece of meat. A lob.

We found the mill seen through a haze,

a fire going, friendly blaze.

A lady came to offer talk,

to counsel on the dirt sidewalk.

They offered help and shared their love,

and I was saved! Praise God above!



By David Lane

Listen, people. Can you hear

dangers coming, loud and clear?

Judgment poised above our land?

Before God's anger, none will stand.

The blood of helpless children shed,

6,000 ere you go to bed.

They want no part of God in school,

where violence and sex are cool.

The Lukewarm Church has lost the truth;

it yields to psychics -- sayers' sooth.

Wake up! The danger's close at hand

for great and small across the land!

Repent! On bended knees do fall!

Pray to the Lord: He'll hear your call.


Mortal Man Today

By David Lane

Death can come at any time

for mortal man today.

Life seems empty, void inside,

for mortal man today.

God's mercy and love are great

for mortal man today.

He sent His son to make a way

for mortal man today.

Accept His Gift. He gives it free

to mortal man today.

It satisfies! On bended knee

let mortal man now pray.



By David Lane

Are you lost in fear and doubt?

Confusion from within, without?

Do you feel that life's a race

and you can't find the starting place?

Come to Jesus. That's the start.

Invite Him in, into your heart.

Then you'll find your way to peace.

Anxiety and doubt will cease.



By David Lane

Where is all the salt today?

Where is light, to show the way?

In the church, hid deep inside,

filled with doubt and lost in pride.

We've lost the WORD, hence lost our way,

and need, the Lord, to find today.

Shine forth the Light with savor sweet,

and share our Savior in the street!

The way to peace and life on high!

Oh, sing His praise, to shake the sky!


The Witness

By David Lane

I am the sun. I shine alway.

I shine my praises every day.

My love for God shines always bright.

The savior is my true delight.

What is this my eyes do see?

Those humans, oh what cruelty!

They've laid their hands upon the king!

Destruction this will surely bring.

The Lord of Life they will now slay!

I will not shine! I'll turn away!

Without my heat they all will die

as, in rage, I sit and cry.

Then the Father in His love

sent me comfort from above.

It was then He shared His plan:

salvation as a gift to man.

The Lord of Life still had to die,

the wrath of God, to satisfy.

With great joy I shine again,

upon the backs of mortal man.

Upon the cross He died for you.

Come to the Lord today.



By David Lane

He was a man God chose to call

who didn't want to go at all.

Instead He chose to sail, to run,

hiding from God's commission.

God sent a storm. Wind, rain, and hail

and had him swallowed by a whale!

When spat out, he proved a sight,

enough to scare a Ninevite!

They saw God's love and judgment sent,

repented, ashes, sackcloth rent.

To God they gave their hearts and souls.

Have you? If not, God may send woes.


The Mad Man

By David Lane

All day long I'd rant and rave.

My homes: a cemetery, cave.

Called a madman by one and all,

I saw no hope, not even small.

They tried to tie me with a chain.

I broke it and ran free again.

With knives and rocks I cut myself.

The devil's prize upon his shelf.

There were demons deep inside,

until a boat with men did ride.

I saw the True God! Ran to him!

And was set free, in peace to swim!

Have you found freedom? Turn to Jesus!

From the chains of sin He frees us!



By David Lane

He lived upon the sea by night.

To hunt for fish was his delight.

Faced their swift and changing ways,

and saw their beauty day by day.

A family business from the start,

amazing folks with lots of heart.

A love of God which knew no bound,

a faith that lay on solid ground.

Then Andrew came with news one day.

"Met the Messiah!" he did say.

Peter had to go and see

to find a King to set him free.

He found the Man that heaven knows,

Who called him "rock" - that is, "petros",

Who came to "Rock" the world and die

and live again, and reign on high.



By David Lane

"O Lord, I need your help again.

I'm stuck inside a lion's den!

Lions are cool, and pretty neat,

but they think I'm their dinner treat!"

My faith in God helped me to stand

amongst the lions in the sand.

The night flew by. Soon it was day.

I saw the huge stone rolled away.

The night before, the King had prayed

when he saw what a trick was played.

He called again the evil men.

The lions got their dinner then!



The Blind Man

By David Lane

He was born blind. He could not see.

His soul, in prison, was not free.

The world was night, pitch black around.

Only he could hear the sound.

A crowd was coming near his way.

"What's all this fuss I hear today?"

"Jesus" they said. "Over there!"

A light inside his soul did flare.

"Savior!" he cried. "Come rescue me!

My eyes are blind. I cannot see!"

The Lord said, "Bring him here to me.

I came to set the captives free."

Not only did He give him sight,

but set his soul free! Grand delight!

Friend, as you share this poem around,

is your soul free? Or tightly bound?

If "free from sin" you want today,

oh, come to Jesus! He's the Way!



By David Lane

All have sinned, in danger stand;

everyone, across the land.

Souls in prisons, little cages,

waiting death in hell - their wages.

Jesus came with love so great,

to save those in such dire strait.

He gave His life to set you free.

Accept Him now! His son you'll be.

Such joy will fill your heart!

But wait!

By David Lane

10 men, all pale and sad to see,

would all die soon of leprosy.

All day long, they'd cough and wheeze,

cut off from people by disease.

Their time was coming soon to die,

so they began to pray and cry.

Then one day there came A Man.

To Jesus Christ they quickly ran.

With compassion, love and grace,

He touched each one, looked in each face.

His Healing Touch brought life anew.

Their eyes were opened! Small faith grew.

Then they went off, off to forget.

They did forget. But then wait...yet

a poor Samaritan came back,

thanked God who provides what we lack.


By David Lane

As a shepherd he would play

music on his harp all day.

Youngest son. He wasn't tall.

Didn't look a king at all.

Lion, bear, he killed by hand,

and fought a giant for the land.

Samuel came to him, did point,

with oil for a king anoint.

Through many years of war and strife,

he served the Lord for all his life.

A mighty man of God.





January 1998 issue:



Deadly Date

The deadly date has rolled around,

Oh, hear the angels cry!

In silence hear the screaming sound

As countless millions die.

Thousands go to "March for Life"

From Bort Barns, blocks away.

The "Right to Life" holds high a fife

To lead warriors astray:

To politicians with their lies.

Their strategies of sand.

Their stories make dreams fill the skies!

Their snoring rocks the land.

But God's own Army marches on,

Awake, to mighty stand.

Come, with swords full drawn!

--David A Lane


Silent Thunder

The silent scream no man can hear,

Thunders strong in heaven's realm.

Countless angels brought to tear,

While callous pastors yield the helm.

Angels, seeing Judgement, fear

While sinners overwhelm

the Babes, to Jesus, dear.

--David A Lane




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