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12 Bible Reasons to Question Tradition:

     1. When the Bible talks about a purpose for fire, it is correction, Hebrews 12, a synonym of purification, Hebrews 12:29, Malachi 3:2, 1 Peter 4:12, Acts 2:3.
     Fire consumes dross from gold, and chaff from wheat, Matthew 3:12, which is an aspect of purification. The Greek word for fire is even spelled “
pur”. Never does the Bible specify that God uses any kind of fire, anywhere or at any time, without this purpose.
     Certainly the doctrine, that each and every person who goes to Hell will remain there forever, implies that Hell cannot purify, since it is incomprehensible that God would keep purified souls in Hell.
     But the assumption that Hell’s purpose is pure torture, without any potential for purification or rehabilitation of any kind, imposes on theology a purpose never given by God and contrary to the only purpose God ever gave.

    Hell mirrors back upon each soul all the evil he has done and wants to do to others.
    Its punishment is not disproportionate, and it is not eternal. Jesus' shed blood never stops offering Grace. Not even there.
     However, the Bible warns that some hate God, and love hurting others, so much that they will refuse Heaven's rules forever!
    Jesus didn't have to die to save you from God's wrath, but from your own heart! It can make you crazy enough to turn against Heaven!

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323 pages addressing 1,851 verses, along with several commentaries and translations

        Traditional Hell theologies defy common sense. But maybe not because of our limited understanding of infinite things. Maybe because they fail to account for the 12 groups of verses at the left.
    The hope that everyone in Hell eventually gets out is based on verses about Love and Grace, but struggles with a few verses which say Hell really is eternal.
    The verses fit together into a picture of souls forever free to love, with others who Love, or to hate, but not where they can hurt. Where the harm they wish upon others flies back upon them until the thought of evil revolts them.
    Warning: hating good can become an eternal habit.

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