Donna Holman, the 80-year-old terror of baby killers

Prosecuted as a "safety threat" for political/religious statements nobody said were untrue.

Challenging the legal standing of Banned Parenthood to even be in court

Excerpt from her appeal: I present new evidence that abortion can’t remain legal because court-recognized fact finders have unanimously “established” what Roe said must be “established” for abortion’s legality to “of course... collapse”.

“State’s” proof that I am wrong? “Abortion is legal.” It matters not that the cases he cites did not see the new evidence.

A change in facts that calls for a change in law does not automatically bring about a change in law; there has to be a court case in which judges squarely address those changed facts. My argument is that the facts or lack thereof upon which Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833 (1992) were founded have changed so much that it is impossible for any court which squarely addresses the new facts to allow abortion to remain legal.

“State” reasons as if the failure of new evidence to support an old conclusion is enough to dismiss the new evidence. As if all it takes to dispose of new evidence is to state the old precedent that it challenges. Viz. “Don’t annoy me with facts. My mind is already made up.”

Because abortion is now legally recognizable as murder, Planned Parenthood doesn't even have legal standing to come into any court to complain about interference with what they do. In their affidavits they call their organization the "victim". The victims are the babies they kill.

The testimony in the record clearly connects the strong emotional reaction people said they had to me, to the content of my speech, not to my mere presence on the sidewalk, or to the mere fact that I talked to people, or offered literature.

No testimony in the record alleges that anything I said was not true, and my statement that abortion is murder is true, according to the consensus of all four categories of court-recognized "finders of facts": juries, expert witnesses, state legislatures, and Congress. Not one legal authority in America says abortion does not kill a human/person.

Overview of the Case

Donna Holman, now 80 years old, was witnessing outside a Planned Barrenhood in Iowa City, Iowa in 2006, as she had done many times before without incident, when one day several people told police she terrified them with her words about the Bible, the humanity of babies and mothers, the character of abortion as murder, and warnings about Hell (although her husband was more vocal and personal about Hell but was never charged).

For her words, she was convicted in 2007 of 3rd Degree Harassment, Iowa 708.7(2) because Banned Parenthood staff and alleged (anonymous) customers chose to feel "alarmed, threatened, and intimidated". But no one alleged that they felt physically threatened - apparently they only felt spiritually threatened. And no one alleged that anything she said was untrue, or would not have been true had she never said it, or had she never existed. No one said it was news - that they didn't already know it.