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Surviving Courts

Federal law "established" precisely what Roe v. Wade said must be established for legal abortion to end. Since April Fool's Day, 2004, federal and state lawmakers have had the tools to completely outlaw abortion and win in court. People who say "but abortion is legal" are out of date. Courts haven't addressed this because prolifers haven't brought them a case that forces them to. Voters will help lawmakers challenge courts when they know these facts are true. Lawmakers need No Greener Light than God has already given them.

God put two things on our side: Truth, and the law. Any state can outlaw infanticide in a way that no court can stop. Read these sample legal arguments able to court-proof any law against abortion:

How to Survive Courts

A third way to force courts to address Roe's "collapse" isn't so "clean" - force, as needed to stop the killing, defended in court by the Necessity Defense, which justifies offenses that save lives, which challenges courts to address the new evidence that "life [and rights] begins at fertilization".



Three kinds of prolife cases can pressure courts to address the new legal facts that challenge the old precedents keeping abortion "legal". The kind that would put the most pressure on judges to squarely address the new evidence would be a state or federal law criminalizing abortion, defended in court by an Attorney General. A SECOND KIND challenges standing of abortionists to sue for interference with what is now legally recognizable as murder. (ie, Holman case)


Necessity Defense Amendment


Messy Way...

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Strategy for Stopping Infanticide in Iowa by Christmas

Despite the courts

What will keep this from happening is not, primarily, courts, or legislatures, or politicians, but the Noninvolvement Theologies which persuade pastors and church boards to censor laymen from attempting to reason with other church members to develop consensus that abortion is a great evil condemned by God, and to strategize with other church members how to march through these doors which God has opened. Satan has done a great job of coaxing the world's brightest lights under their Matthew 5:15 bushel. When churches tell Christians that their light in the deepest darkness is not even enough of a Biblical priority to allow action-focused open discussion on church premises, shall we expect those with less light to care more about shining it? See Bible studies at www.Saltshaker.US.
(This was from a state lawmaker campaign in 2012. It is an example of what a candidate can reasonably offer.)

     We can do it! God has provided two things on our side: the Truth, and the law.
     This strategy is founded on tested, irrefutable legal arguments that abortion hasn't been legal since 2004.
     This is not just the argument that Roe was bad law from the beginning. Everyone knows that. Even infanticidist lawyers know it; they have a whole range of wannabe replacement rationales standing in line to replace Roe when Roe finally wears out its welcome even in courts.
     This is an argument that Roe’s legal force ended in 2004, when federal law “established” that all unborn babies are human beings – the event which Roe itself said would “of course” cause the “collapse” of Roe, and of any legality of abortion.
     This is a strategy you can judge for yourself, whether it really can enable me to keep my pledge, if you elect me, to (1) get a law passed even though I would be but one of 100 lawmakers in but one of two chambers, and there may still be a lingering Senate Dictator; (2) win in court when the law is challenged even though the law would be defended by the Attorney General over whom I have no control; and (3) hold any judges accountable who ignore law and precedent so flagrantly that even average voters understand their threat to the Rule of Law even though that may require mass social movements or constitutional amendments which no man can control.
     And all by Christmas?!!! C'mon!
     This may be the time to admit to you that sometimes the space and pithiness requirements of a headline force a writer to tell a little fib. In half a dozen words you just can’t tell the whole story in all its glorious details. So in my headline, where I said “I” will do all these things, the honest truth is that if you get me elected, we have the power to do all these things. I can’t do it alone! But together, we can definitely do it. Uh, and also, about that Christmas thingey - well - (Please continue reading at Strategy to End Infanticide.)

Record of Contacts to Prolife Groups & Lawmakers

AUL says “The 2004 Law defining all unborn babies as human beings is NOT a tool for ending legal infanticide. In fact, NO challenge to Roe should be attempted while killer coddlers control SCOTUS!” Leach insists AUL is missing a golden opportunity!
the 2004 federal law defining all unborn babies as human beings satisfies the conditions of Roe’s “collapse” clause, ending infanticide’s fragile “legality”, and requiring states to defend babies’ 14th Amendment Right to Life.
Forsythe, head of AUL (Americans United for Life): Roe’s “collapse” no longer matters, since Roe’s reasoning has been replaced by the theory introduced in PP v. Casey, and confirmed in Gonzales v. Carhart (2007) that the reason we need to keep infanticide legal is because mothers have come to rely so much on it in order to advance in their careers.
Leach: As Rehnquist pointed out, Roe’s reasoning may have been replaced, but the new “reliance interests” theory hangs on Roe’s “outer shell”, which I would characterize as uncertainty whether the unborn are human. Smash that shell with legally recognized certainty that the unborn are human, and let’s see how long that “reliance interests” sophistry can stand, all alone! Or any other rationale waiting in the wings to replace it!

Brenna Findley Log Brenna Findley was a dynamic Republican candidate for Iowa Attorney General in 2010. She lost, yet she outraised her incumbent opponent by 2 to 1! In July she emphatically agreed with me, orally, that Roe has “collapsed”, legally. I asked if I could quote her endorsement officially. She invited me to call her the next day at her campaign office. Over a dozen communications with her staff later, as of January, 2011, she still has not responded, although her staff told me she had gone so far as to present the idea to other attorneys more expert than herself. This is a record of my contacts with her office. Neither she nor her staff ever indicated she found any flaw in the reasoning or in the strategy. If she could identify any such flaw, the simplest way for her to be rid of me would be to simply tell me what it is. That indicates there is some other reason she wants to distance herself from this, than that there is any flaw in it. But before she responds, we can only speculate. Perhaps you can help encourage her to respond.

Mark Remsburg Contacts I (Dave Leach) met Mark Remsburg, in Des Moines, while campaigning for Iowa Senate. He shares my conviction that God really has provided a Legal Green Light for state lawmakers to criminalize abortion as if Roe never existed, and he is helping me contact people. This is a partial record of his contacts.

HELP! When you are persuaded that Roe v. Wade really has legally "collapsed" and prolife Christians need to create the legal and political pressuresIf that will force courts and legislatures to acknowledge it, will you be willing to help by contacting prolife groups, prolife lawyers, and prolife lawmakers? If you would be willing to send updates on your contacts to prolifers and any responses to SLIC@Saltshaker.US, this will help in 3 ways: (1) People can see from the responses that no one really is refuting our arguments – and not just “people” can see, but we can see it ourselves, and be encouraged to continue as if we really have found something. (2) Others may see the responses and be inspired by the non-responsive responses to help us contact those organizations and demand their attention to the solution their organization exists to find. (3) We who are making these contacts can collaborate on how to answer a response. We can get ideas from each other’s previous answers, and we can email each other how to answer a new response which otherwise seems a slammed shut door.

Scott Roeder Resources This sub-website is a collection of articles explaining the Scott Roeder trial, which presents an opportunity to force courts to acknowledge Roe's "collapse", although the opportunity is legally and politically "messy" compared with the "clean" strategy above. Scott's case might not have presented this opportunity, but Scott let me place the arguments about Roe's "collapse" into his court record through two separate legal briefs I wrote for him, which he submitted as pro se briefs. Most of the articles on this site were written before the trial, for the purpose of influencing the course of the trial in order to make Roe's "collapse" clause more central to the issue of the case. (That object was achieved.) They include a video series where children play the parts of attorneys and news reporters.

Roeder Trial Documents and Resources This sub-website was created by a legal scholar for lawyers. It contains most of the documents from the court record, legal articles, cases, trial notes, and other resources.

Talk Show Appearances

Alan Colmes Show September 1, 2009 AD. Alan let me explain in what sense judges do not allow juries to know the trial issues, in abortion prevention cases. He didn't allow me to explain it without a lot of unnecessary interruptions, but the message was there, for anyone with reasonably good concentration. The best way to take this in is by reading the transcript while you listen to the audio. Audio (.wma file) <> <> <> (PDF file)

Official New Years' Orders from Secretary General of the Army of God Dave Leach Operation Abortionist Protection: 1. Identify Prolife Lawmakers Capable of Independent Thought 2. Defund Prolife Groups Incapable of Independent Thought. Issued by General Dave Leach. Mainstream information sources (listed below) identify me as Secretary General of the Army of God. I have never before given orders to my troops in that capacity, but now is the time for orders. I am herewith initiating Operation Abortionist Protection. (Read more)