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Redefining “jurisdiction” enough to end “birthright citizenship” will gut the “equal protection” clause, legalizing slavery (video)

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If we processed citizenship applications in 2 years instead of literally 2 generations, immigrants would be able to export political experience along with their cash to their families back home,  equipping them to transform their homelands into nations which do not drive out their citizens.

The "Stranger" Project - Bible passages & interpretations, with a chance for you to add yours. God wants citizens and immigrants equally and fully blessed.<> Judge Roy Moore on the Unconstitutionality of Numerical Immigration Limits


The number of jobs available in any society is always proportionate to the population because every new worker requires services, creating a new job. That’s why it is impossible to calculate any other number of jobs that America’s economy will support, than “the number of people willing to work.”

Why do I care? I’m not an "illegal". But as a human I don’t want humans treated like dogs. I don’t like my fellow conservative Christian Republicans leading America to Hell by driving out Jesus, Mat 25:40-43, and by demanding Mark Of The Beast technology to do it! I’m not an unborn baby either, but I sacrifice for the hope of helping them. When we ignore the 14th Amendment we risk slavery. When we ignore the Bible we invite moral anarchy. When we ignore love we welcome Hell.

Our national debt is scary because America’s young healthy tax-paying workforce has been too depleted by abortion to support entitlement-sucking old sick seniors like me, who allowed 50 million American innocents to cruelly die. Meanwhile millions of strong young workers wait at our borders to replace those we have slain, to take care of us and our debts, but our Numerical Limitations won’t let them. If we are serious about saving America from financial collapse, Isn't it time to revisit those Numerical Limitations, along with stopping the slaughter? Luke 11:46 Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous..., and ye ... touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.
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And if a stranger [immigrant] sojourn [come to live] with thee in your land, ye shall not vex [deport] him. Leviticus 19:33 (& Exodus 22:21)
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Deportation Brief - challenges limits on how many can come legally