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God offers Hope to Hispanics! In His pages are solutions to every immigration problem. God loves citizens and immigrants equally. His solutions are for all of us. They are practical. They work. He is not stupid to think so. America needs to pay attention so we can stop kicking thorns barefooted (Acts 9:6). Keeping the grand promises of the Statute of Liberty are the smartest thing citizens can do for themselves.

Bible Study

Mailing to Every Iowa Church 12/18/7: Printable letter size PDF <> PDF of actual 11x17 mailed pages Subjects: How God's Plan Would Work, what it is, Why Man's Plan Cannot Work, statements of denominations, model caucus resolution, photos documenting one way the Mexican government drives its people north. God's Immigration Policy God's Immigration Policy may seem stupid to you, but His works. Yours doesn't.

"Ye shall not deport an immigrant" What was God thinking when He wrote Leviticus 19:33 and Exodus 22:21!? A short summary of what these verses mean, followed by a very thorough study proving that the Hebrew word yaw-NAW, translated "vex" in the KJV, really should be translated "deport" in these two verses. The word is translated as forcible, involuntary removal in 22 of 22 translations of Ezekiel 46:18, and in 14 of the 21 verses the word appears - where the context specifies what manner of "oppression" the word alludes to - it is some kind of forcible, involuntary removal. (PDF, because of Greek and Hebrew fonts.)

"Moral" redefined "Moral Conservative" Redefined by Immigration

"On Immigration, 'moral conservatives have lost their way' A shorter article, on the same topic as the above, as published 8/10/7 in the Des Moines Register; includes comments generated by publication, and my responses

SS & Judgment Social Security: Rod of God's Judgment

"Mark of the Beast": Why God Cares, Why We Should - "Maybe the thumprint OR retina scans on next year's drivers' licenses aren't just 90% of the Mark on the right hand OR the 'face'".

Immigrant ("Stranger") in Scripture A study of 115 Bible verses showing God demands the same rights for immigrants as citizens enjoy, in civil and criminal law, and even in worship opportunity so long as immigrants meet reasonable, attainable criteria.

Solutions: How God's Plan Works, Why Man's Plans Cannot

Border Security Border Security: A Simple, $-Saving, Fast, Positive, Surprising, Solid, Sweeping, Consummate Solution

Quotas: Illegal Immigration Quotas: Unconstitutional!

Model Deportation Brief Maybe some brave immigration attorney and brave client will use the occasion of a routine deportation hearing to challenge the constitutionality of Immigration Quotas.

"S1348 Analysis" "Immigration Compromise": the whole bill, with translation and interpolated notes

S1348: Big Brother Bill Selections from the bill, with analysis, showing how The Immigration Compromise Bill, combined with the Real ID Act, would have authorized a worldwide database for all humans to be used for passports and tracking criminals - at first."

Plyler v. Doe, 457 U.S. 202 (1982) "Equal Protection of the Laws" for Illegal Children

"Unity Blueprint Analysis" Endorsement and Analysis of the "Unity Blueprint" for immigration reform

"Governor Mike Huckabee on Immigration" Governor Mike Huckabee, Republican Presidential Candidate, on Immigration, with critical analysis by Dave Leach


Driving Down Wages Do we thank our doctors and lawyers for driving our wages up?

"Amnesty!" Does anyone care what the word actually means?

"Get in WHAT Line?" Get in WHAT Line? For most, there IS no line!

Public Schools Public Schools aren't Free for ANYONE!"

"Hospitals" Emergency Hospital Care Averages $21 Per Illegal

The Legal Illegals PRUCOL: the Legal Illegals in Immigration Limbo

Welfare Illegals don't receive welfare, unless you redefine either "illegals" to include citizens or "welfare" to include schools and hospitals

Population Why God is not Stupid when He offers populations the blessing of multiplying

Rule of Law "Rule of Law" vs. God-Defying Legalism: how "Rule of Law" was defined by America's Founders

"The High Cost of Cheap Labor" Reviewed If the study hadn't counted citizens as "illegals", it would have concluded illegals contribute $10 billion MORE in taxes than they receive in "services"

Quick Facts Details worth keeping handy while debating immigration. (These are not the arguments you need, or the reasoning, which are discussed in these many articles. These are just a few facts which you may be challenged on.)

Latino Articles published in Latino newspapers by Dave Leach. Translators: Most recent articles, translated by Alejandro Torrealba, public school teacher, MBA degree. Before that, by Luis & Graciela Gomez, brother and sister, whose family owns Gomez Tire in Des Moines. Before that, by Gabriela Buenrostro, former news reporter living in Mexico City. (Here resume is below.) These articles were published in Spanish; they are posted here with Spanish and the original English. )

"Birthright Citizenship"

(Article, and transcript of 1997 immigration subcommittee hearing)

Should babies of "illegal aliens" born here be counted as citizens? "NO!" shout many Americans today, such as Pam Slater, on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, who told a Congressional hearing, "We in San Diego County have been exposed, by our local news media, to scenes of expectant mothers in labor circling hospital parking lots in their cars, waiting until the last possible minute to enter the hospital. The child is delivered soon after the mother is admitted, denying authorities the chance to deport the mother. The mother then receives free hospital care, and the baby recieves a birth certificate as a U.S. Citizen, and a Social Security number qualifying him for welfare."

One of many problems with ending "birthright citizenship" is that the only way anyone has been able to think of to do it legally is by changing the definition of the word "jurisdiction" in the 14th Amendment. But if it is changed so it affects the birthright clause, it will also affect the "equal protection" clause, which is the only law we have that keeps America from returning to slavery. So while we're asking if "illegal aliens" born here ["drive-by citizenship", some call it] should be counted as citizens, we need to ask this: May we enslave "illegals"?

The Recipe for Perfect Immigration Reform La Estrategia para una Perfecta Política Migratoria

Congress scattered the ingredients across several bills El Congreso dispersó los ingredientes a través de varios proyectos

We can register every illegal, secure our borders, reduce USCIS caseloads, and even fix Social Security, all without driving down wages, taking citizens' jobs, straining welfare, rolling up the welcome mat at the Statue of Liberty, or erasing "love thy neighbor as thyself" from the American character

Spanish Translations by Gabriela G. Buenrostro, former newspaper and magazine journalist and writer, and former host Zero Radio Show in Mexico City. Traducción al español por Gabriela G. Buenrostro, periodista y escritora de varios periódicos y revistas de la Ciudad de México, así como conductora titular del programa radiofónico Zero. (SEE AD & RESUME BELOW)

Articles by Dave Leach (Dave Leach is listed in Marquis' "Who's Who in Media and Communications") Por Dave Leach (Dave Leach aparece en la lista de "¿Quién es Quién es los Medios y Comunicación?")

US Immigration Quotas: Unconstitutional?

"No State shall ...deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." -- The 14th Amendment <> If Des Moines passed a law saying the first 500 people who woke up in the morning to go to work can drive on our roads, but the rest have to walk, would you say the people of Des Moines still have "equal protection of our laws"? Apparently no Court has addressed the constitutionality of US immigration quotas. There is plenty of indication that were the issue before them, they would find US immigration quotas unconstitutional. If they did, they would be right; they would agree with common sense, clear reasoning, the Constitution, and the Bible

3/5/05 Press Release from The Partnership Machine, Inc. 3/5/05 Boletín de Prensa de la Partnership Machine, Inc.

"Drive-By On Washington" to Thank Congress for Exempting Illegals from Auto Insurance Requirements

"Manejando Sobre Washington" para Agradecer al Congreso por Exentar a los "Ilegales" de los Requisitos para un Seguro de Auto

(Articles are continued below)

(Click here for a free printable 268K PDF version. Be sure to set page size to "legal". Click here for 492K file optimized for professional printing.)

"Why is America MoreFree?" ¿Por qué América es Libre y Próspera?

La Lógica de la Crueldad  <> The Logic of Cruelty

El Caso que Mantiene a los Conductores "Ilegales" Sin Seguro <> The Case that Keeps "Illegal" Drivers Uninsured

Análisis del caso Sánchez & Doe vs. el Estado de Iowa, el Departamento de Seguridad Pública de Iowa, y el Departamento de Transportación de Iowa, No. 14 / 04-0176 Foliado el 18 de febrero del 2005. <> Analysis of Sanchez & Doe vs. State of Iowa, Iowa Department of Public Safety, and Iowa Department of Transportation,  No. 14 / 04-0176 Filed February 18, 2005

My 3/8/05 email sent to each member of the Iowa Senate Transportation Committee, the day before they tabled Senator Matt McCoy's bill which would have enabled unauthorized immigrants to get drivers' licenses, draws upon the previous article. Here it is: SSB 1171 & the Constitutions <> La SSB 1171 & las Constituciones

Correspondence with King. Congressman Steve King and I have this in common: a reputation for controversial public stands for Biblically defined issues. So then how can he and I disagree on US immigration reform, about which the Bible has so much to say? Here is his December 17, 2003 letter opposing Bush's immigrant-friendly plan, which he got 35 Congressmen to sign, and my three letters to King, questioning him about the facts he alleges in his letter, and following up on a conversation I had in March, 2005 with his Chief of Staff, Chuck Laudner.

The Spiritual Connection between Unauthorized Immigration and Abortion

* The 40-50 million babies we have slain is about the number of Hispanics who have tried to replace them. The Hispanic population in the U.S. grew from 9.6 million in 1970 to 35.3 million in 2000, 58.5% of whom were Mexican. Based on spotty estimates that the Border Patrol has apprehended about half who have tried to cross, the roughly 10 million "illegal aliens" we have now would become 20 million legal workers, if we would let them.

* America's refusal to let 40-50 million Hispanics legally join our workforce, to replace our own sons whom we have slain, is our second rejection of the help God has sent to care for us when we are old. Our Social Security system would be in no danger had we not slain 50 million of our young, and it will still be in no danger if we allow 50 million Hispanics to work legally.

* "Overpopulation" is a straight-from-Hell rationale shared by abortionists and anti-immigrationists.

* The dehumanization of calling babies "blobs of tissue" is nearly matched by the dehumanization of calling undocumented immigrants "illegal aliens". "Aliens" has been the legal term for "non-citizen" for generations, but with its use to describe space aliens, it now connotes something not quite human. Now we add the word "illegal", to describe what our own great grandparents did legally and naturally, and if they hadn't, we would not be here today. So the connotation of "illegal alien" is "a criminal who is not quite human". The emotion of this connotation is not lost on those who use the term, who seldom use it respectfully but usually as a slur.

* America is divided over the issue for moral reasons. Anti-immigrationists accuse Bush of promoting his Guest Worker Plan "just to get Hispanic votes", but the political reality is that he stands to lose more votes from his conservative base, than he hopes to gain from Hispanics. They accuse Democrats of wanting open borders just so they can get Hispanic non-citizens to illegally vote for them, but Democrats' openness to Hispanics may be accounted for by compassion such as manifests in Catholic charitable services to Hispanics. The division over the morality of this issue is so entrenched that entire government bureaucracies will not report known undocumented immigrants to the USCIS. Often the reason is that Congress wants certain vital services available to their citizen children, and does not want those children neglected because of the parents' fear of deportation should the service agency report them.

* God has spoken as clearly for the humanity of immigrants, as He has for the humanity of the unborn. Just as prolifers can quote Luke 2, Psalm 139:13-16, Jeremiah 1:5, and passages about Molech worship, pro-immigrants can quote verses about having "one law for the stranger [foreigner] as for yourselves, for "ye were strangers in the land of Egypt"; or, we might say today, "you would be the children of illegal aliens yourselves, had your fathers, when they came to America, been forced to climb over the quotas you impose on your Southern neighbors today." Minnesota Congressman Mark Kennedy's website has an article that says it this way: "Like it or not, Americans will have to live with the fact that while these newcomers are here illegally, they're not going to be deported. They are not fearsome aliens, just the latest iteration in an ongoing immigration drama in which, not too long ago, our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were the protagonists."

* Our reaction to immigrants, like our reaction to our own offspring, is a litmus test of our longing for Heaven. Matthew 5:43-48 explains that even the wicked love those who love them, but the test of love is when you love your enemies, as God does, sending rain on the just and on the unjust. But when we can't even love those whom God has sent us to care for us in our old age, how can God expect us to be comfortable in Heaven? In Matthew 25, Jesus says the way we treat "the least of these my brethren" is how God sees us as treating Him.

* The immigration battle now is where the abortion battle was a generation ago. In the beginning of the abortion battle, only a few voices declared what God had to say about it. Fewer took action to save the unborn. It took 10 years for the issue to reach national consciosness as an important political issue, and many more years before it was entrenched as front burning political issue to the extent that the issue decides many elections. We stand now at the beginning of the spiritual battle over immigration. Unlike abortion, where babies immediately started being slaughtered by the millions, the immigration flood has gradually become a problem, as the desire for freedom has gradually overwhelmed our quotas on how many are allowed to be free. So only recently has it become clear that this is a spiritual battle. But the Supreme Court is not a factor this time, and even if it were Congress is about to start standing up to the Supreme Court, so this battle need not take a generation to resolve, this time.


Hispanic Hope Immigration is our Strength, if it is done right

La Inmigración es la Fuerza de América si se Hace Bien

(This article is Dave Leach's original, 2002 article, covering some of the same issues as "The Recipe..." above with simpler, more general arguments. This article was published in Dave Leach's campaign newspaper when he ran for State Representative in 2002. An example of its different approach: instead of challenging the myth that "illegals come here to get welfare", it points out why welfare not only has never, but can never provide for the needy as well as getting the government out of welfare, so Hispanics should stop voting for Democrats who want to perpetuate this albatross which is the biggest reason their friends across the border aren't welcome.


This is the official transcript of the U.S. House subcommittee on Immigration, which studied, in 1997, whether children born in the U.S. of parents not legally here are citizens, according to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. The copy here has the "meat" highlighted in red, and the irrelevant portions in a smaller font. My own editorial comment is in blue.


RESUME of Gabriela G. Buenrostro


New email: Gabriela@Saltshaker.US


A job that will capitalize on acquired expertise and experience.

A job with human orientation and career growth potentional in the USA.(Continued below)




Bachelor in Journalism with 9+ years' experience. Specialty in essay.

Coast-to-coast radio show host two years.

Skill with elaborate information analysis and synthesis.

Experience producing radio spots inspiring personal achievement and human values.

Aptitude for quickly integrating an organization, assimilating employment requirements easily, as well as new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies.

Energy and self-motivation to be part of a team. Ability to manage multiple and different responsibilities.

Intermediate knowledge in web development and design using Macromedia (Flash and Fireworks)

Professional objectives focused on any task involving imagination and creativity, as well as challenges and special projects.

Coordination of groups of teenagers theatre preparatory classes four years.

Coordination of students in composition and essay labs three years.

Predilection for tasks developed through teamwork.

Facility with humor to keep situations in perspective, without underestimating problems.   





1. LOS ANGELES School (1st to 6th Grades)


Certificate - Average 9.9

Sol 116, Col. Guerrero, C.P. 06300

México, D.F.

Principal: M. Carmen Teresa Espinoza Morales



· 1st place in creative drawing

· 1st place in writing


2. LAS ROSAS School (7th to 9th Grades)


Certificate - Average 9.3

Garrido 123, Col. La Villa

México, D.F.

Principal: M. María del Socorro Martínez


3. INSTITUTO RENACIMIENTO, A.C. (10th to 12th Grades)


Certificate and Diploma - Average 9.6

Orizaba 136, Col. Roma, C.P. 06700

México, D.F.

Principal: M. Sylvia Posadas



· Best Student Diploma (Valedictorian)




Certificate and Diploma - Average 9.3

Basilio Vadillo 40, Col. Tabacalera, C.P. 06300

México, D.F.

Principal: Mr. Manuel Pérez Buendía



· 2nd place in Interview (1985)

· 3rd place in Article (1986)

· 2nd place in Report (1986)

· 1st place in Radio Script (1987)

· Special Mention in Short Story (1988)

· 1st place in Biography and Report (1989)

· 1st place in Essay (1989)

· 1st place in Editorial Design (1989)



December 7th, 1990

Bachelor Degree

Professional Thesis: BEYOND IMAGINATION (Actors and Singers as  merchandise in newspapers and magazines)

500 pp.




1. IMAGE CLUB (1998-2000)

        - Web and Graphic Designer


Chief: Larissa Hernández Medrano

Email address: lari_hg@hotmail.com

Phone: (469) 467-9539



        - Entertainment and Show Business Reporter

a) I did cover stories and wrote about movies-premiers, open plays, exhibitions and concerts.

b) I interviewed many Mexican Show Business personalities.

c) I was in charge of reviewing movies nominated for the 1994 Oscars.

d) 20th Century Fox selected me for an all-expenses-paid trip to Beverly Hills to enable me to cover the premier of Baby's Day Out, including an interview whith Glenn Close, Willy Nelson and Olivier Stone.

e) I coordinated reporters, giving them assignments, and correcting their styles.


Former Chief: Jorge Laso de la Vega


(Mr. Laso de la Vega doesn't work there any more.)


3. DE PAR EN PAR MAGAZINE (1994-1996)

          - Guest Writer

a) Chronicler, interviewer, arts critic and news reporter.


Chief: Mr. Miguel A. Rocha, Subdirector of Information

Address: Gabino Barreda 86, México, D.F., C.P. 06470

Phone: (52) 5592-1682 and (52) 5592-3776 (fax)


4. Adriana Bárcenas and Mónica Mendoza (1995-1998)

            - Coordinator of essay and composition labs


Chiefs: Miss Adriana Bárcenas and Ms. Mónica Mendoza

Phone: (52) 5598-0424

Email addresses: abarcena@pargo.com.mx




            - Art Coordinator and Editorial Design


Chief: Luis Alberto Azcona

(This department closed in 1993. I don't know how contact him).



            - Coordinator Dramatic Art Lab


Chief: M. Carmen Castellanos C.

Address: Orizaba 136, Col. Roma, C.P. 06600, México, D.F.

Phone: (52) 5564-0833 and (52) 5574-7842



            - Publications Coordinator

a) In charge of coordinating articles and advertisements for the magazine of Chemical Engineering, besides designing the calendar of events organized by the Institute.


Chief: Ms. Norma Hurtado Gómez

Phone: (52) 5687-5184




            - Assistant in Press Department

a) Daily analysis of all newspapers of the country. The analysis included national and international news, as well as industry-related news from around the world.

b) Production of spots of radio for the show Mujer, a coproduction of ASPA and the Radio Mexican Institute.

c) Writer for the internal bulletin Bitacora.


Chief: P.A. J. Raúl Cárdenas A.

Address: Palomas 110 3rd Floor, Lomas de Tecamachalco, México, D.F.




            - Freelance

a) This publication was distributed in all retail stores in Mexico that sold recorded music. The content was about music recording in Mexico, as well as news and interviews with personalities and famous singers.


Chief: Mr. Severiano Hernández

Address: Mora 5 A, Col. Valle de los Pinos, C.P. 54060, Tlanepantla, Méx.

Phone: (52) 5398-8607 and (52) 5397-7667


10. RADIO CHAPULTEPEC (1986-1987)

            - Host

a) Host of Zero Show whose duration was one hour daily.It was an entertainment show.

b) Main host of the program Gabriela's Reports (Los Reportajes de Gabriela). The subjects treated included overcoming personal problems, and human values.

c) At the beginning of 1987, I was named main host of Zero Show, which closed the station's broadcast day at the end of that same year.


Chief: Mr. Jesús Servín






· Contemporary Philosophy Course (three months)

· Novel and Essay Lab (one and a half years)

· Story Lab (three months)

· Radio Script Lab (six months)

· In 1995, I took part in The Novel Contest in Publishing Planet with the Novel named ?Headline?.

· In 1997, I wrote the novel ?The Promise?.  It hasn't been published yet.

· Actually, I?m writing another novel: ?One flower by the sun?.

· Experience with the following software: COREL DRAW, COREL PHOTOPAINT, EXCELL, WORD, FLASH AND FIREWORKS. (50 to 60%)




MONICA RIVERA - mrz1963@hotmail.com (She works in Austin University. We met in 1985)

ROBERT RIVARD - rrivard@express-news.net (He is Editor Express-News in San Antonio, Texas. He recommended that I study for my Masters Degree at University of Inmaculate Word, in San Antonio. He said that would be one way to come to the USA.)

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