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Is actually listed in Marquis' "Who's Who in theMidwest", (1994-2005), "Who's Who in the World" (1996-2005), "Who's Who in Media and Communications" (1998-2005) and "Who's Who in America" (1998-2005) under his pen name, Dave Leach. (This is to balance the other stuff you've heard.)

Biography as it will be listed in the 2006 Who's Who in America:

LEACH, DAVE FRANCIS, editor, musician; b. Iowa City, Nov. 12, 1945; s. Joseph Stanley and Thelma Maxine (Strubhar) L.; m. Donna Susan Schoeppner, Dec. 17, 1970 (div. Feb. 1979); children: Arlo Bernard, Cynthia Robin; m. Dorothy Darlene Barnes, Dec. 13, 1986. B. Music Edn., Drake U., 1967. Band dir. Melcher (Iowa)/Dallas Schs., 1970; band instrument repairman Miller Music/Family Music Ctr., Des Moines, 1972-; editor, founder Prayer & Action News, Des Moines, 1989-; producer, host The Uncle Ed Show, 1995-; owner Family Music Ctr., 1999-. Trumpet player Des Moines Ncpl. Band, 1963-78; musician Kingsway, St. Ambrose and St. Augustine Cathedrals, and Simpson United Meth. Ch., 1980-92. Author, composer: (musical comedy) Werld Klas Ejukashun, 1991; author: The Gifts of Governments, 1990, God's Cure for Loneliness, 1999, The Angel Diary, 2005. Dem. candidate for state rep., Iowa, 1986, Rep. candidate 1988, 90, 2000, 02; pres., edtor Fathers for Equal Rights, Des Moines chpt. 1985-87; mem. Soc. of Mayflower Descendants, 2002-; Chaplain of society, 2005. Avocations: bible study, inventing, construction. Office: 4110 SW 9th St. Des Moines IA 50315-36434; Office Phone: 515-244-3711. Personal E-mail: leach@saltshaker.us.

Dave Leach has published "Prayer & Action News", whose motto is "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." Colossians 3:17, since April Fool's Day of 1989.

Send all your money to him at 137 E. Leach Avenue, Des Moines IA 50315.

Call him at 256-0637 or Alm-0-nds (don't get that confused with Nut-Cake, which is a government number) (Area 515).

Read Uncle Ed.'s Strategy for using fame and infamy.

Prayer & Action News

Now beginning its 16th year, (as of 2005) the Prayer & Action News is a print magazine of very small circulation, which exists for the purpose of implementing The Plan, which you can access from the Home Page. It's vision is to be more than a mere magazine of entertainment; that is, for people who merely read information but don't do anything about it, and don't give any information back. Its purpose is to provide communication between neighbors who are helping each other correct the injustices that oppress them, that they may become a powerful, unstoppable Partnership Machine.

The Partnership Machine, Inc., was founded in 1986. Subscribe to the P&A for $15 per year. (Email us for a $15/year subscription, for 4 quarterly issues!)

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6-hour tapes at EP speed:

Pro-baby Blowout #1:

White Rose Banquet, January 21, 1998, unedited. The Third Annual White Rose Banquet, held in Washington DC on the eve of the March for Life, raised money for the families of imprisoned baby-savers.

Uncle Ed. Show with Don Spitz. Spitz heads Prolife Virginia. His pro-force public statements have kept police, abortionists, and prolifers excited. I started off by asking him "Have you burned down any abortion buildings today?" He answered, "Not today." I asked, "How about yesterday?" He answered, "I can't remember about yesterday."

Uncle Ed. Show with the Meyer family. This Kentucky home schooled-family has nine young 'uns, each pretty as a picture and smart as a buggy whip. A boy shot a deer whose remains adorn the living room. A girl has hundreds of books in her personal library, all of which she has read. Dad, a carpenter, once built literal chutes and ladders to go over the wall of an abortion building. And he has, not just plastic models of babies at various levels of development, but two actual miscarried babies, which his attorney introduced as evidence in one of his trials; he had inherited them from his doctor.

Rally and March for Life, January 22, 1998, Washington DC.

Pro-baby Blowout #2

Uncle Ed. Show #156, Family Petition (oral version; see this web page for printed version)/Army of God trashed on Nightline;

Uncle Ed. Show #152, March for Life in Washington DC;

Uncle Ed. Show #113, Pro-baby Torture. Live footage of police torturing pro-baby-ers. Several "pain compliance" holds, one policeman beating a man's kneecaps as hard as he possibly can with several blows. Recollections of torture by those tortured. Their perspectives, their reasons, their warnings, their advice.

Uncle Ed. Show #108, Pro-baby Humor. A brief history of outrageous political humor. Abbie Hoffman could have been a stand-up comic. But when the Left took power, it became humorless, since, by holding power, it has now become the object of humor. Henry Felisone used to work for folks like Hoffman. But he became a Christian and now flings his barbs from the Right. Featured spoof: several sack-covered Bort Hunters discuss the techniques, lures, delights, and the legalization, of hunting 'borts.

Uncle Ed. Show #161, Henry Felisone, vintage.

Uncle Ed. Show #154, Flip Benham, avid anti-force pro-life Operation Rescue chief, debating the use of force. Also, "Prolife Leftovers"; conversations at a Pro-Baby Picnic in the back yard of the Prayer & Action Mansion.

Pro-baby Blowout #3

Uncle Ed. Show #166, Lawson's Arrest. Mike Lawson was arrested in Des Moines, Iowa for planting white crosses outside Planned Murderhood. He was charged under a Des Moines ordinance with 39 multiple-choice phrases and one period which lists all the things which are "abandonment of property declared nuisance", or in other words, littering. It is a Simple Misdemeanor in Des Moines to leave, abandon, or PLACE anything on any public property. Or, for that matter, on any private property. But will they haul the judge off to jail for laying Lawson's papers down on his desk? No! They just use broad laws against Christians! The sergeant told Lawson, and the camera, that he would be charged under the same law which makes it a crime to put a garage sale sign on a telephone pole. Which begs the question, why is no one arrested for putting a garage sale sign on a telephone pole?

Uncle Ed. Show #170, Johnny and Joanne Brockhoeft, true love. What did Johnny have to do to meet, woo, and win Joanne all the way from New Zealand? Well, for starters, he had to blow up two abortion buildings, and get arrested, and be put in jail.

Uncle Ed. Show #168, Regina on Radio; Johnny's Start. Regina Dinwiddie, of Kansas City, has a weekly show on America's strongest Christian radio station. On Memorial Day, 1998, she broadcast her show from the living room of Uncle Ed.'s mansion. Her guests: Johnny Brockhoeft of Cincinnati, and Linda Wolf, who lives near Portland. Rest of show #168: Johnny tells the events and ideas which led him to destroy the most infamous abortion building in the world, the one where the D&X abortion was pioneered, and a second Planned Murderhood building.

Uncle Ed. Show #167, Memorial Day! Interviews with war veterans Johnny Brockhoeft and Gil Copper. Johnny served in the operation which won the Vietnam War on the battlefield just before it was lost at the negotiating table. Gil served in World War 2, near China, and came home after winning on the battlefield, as victory against the Reds was being given away at the negotiating table. Both are veterans of the Abortion War, a war easily won on the battlefield, but which so far has been lost by prolifers at their negotiating tables.

(2 more shows to be added later.)




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