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An interactive forum.

The discussion board set up at is designed for you to respond to any other article on this website. (Or start a discussion on your own topic.) To respond to any article on this website, just copy enough of the beginning of the article to let everybody know to what you are responding, and then have at it. To open a new subject, just start a new "thread" under the forum called "Talk". (There is another forum titled "Forum for Christians and nonbelievers" which invites discussion of whether it is even a good idea to let Christians and nonbelievers in the same area together, and how to go about it if it is done.)

In addition, reader's responses will be noted the old fashioned way:

This web site is part of Uncle Ed.'s search for truth. God didn't make any man able to find the truth by himself. Proverbs 15:22 says only in a "multitude of counsellors" are purposes established. And 2 Chronicles 35:20-24 says God can speak even through your generation's representative of Antichrist! (Isaiah 30 for perspective.) So if you see errors here, and you don't warn poor Uncle Ed.,, their continued presence here will be your fault! (Ezekiel 3:18-20)

Responses will be faithfully posted. Please be patient as we get this system in place. Uncle Ed. will respond by :

(1) altering his article, if he finds your point well taken, and emailing you the change for your further comment; or

(2) adding your email to his article and commenting on it, if that is appropriate, and again by emailing you; or

(3) posting your email in a general file if it is not pertinent to a specific part of a specific article. (Or in a "profane" file, if you use naughty words.)





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Got feedback? Join our forum at www.x.Saltshaker.US/forums or send your feedback, along with name or url of the article, and a little of the text on either side of where your comment belongs, so I know what you are responding to, and I'll post your response. I might even place it right smack dab in the article! (If you don't want your email posted, SAY SO!)