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Proof: Jesus Rose from the Dead!

Discussion of healing with two other pastors (58 minutes) (click pic to view, or right-click and select "save to target" to download)

The Prayer Warrior Myth

Is the concept of a “Prayer Warrior”, who does not do anything about what he prays for, when he could, Biblical? Did anyone in the Bible do that?

Video of this study:
The Prayer Warrior Myth

Rules 4 Miracles

This Bible study indicates that reliance upon God, articulated publicly BEFORE God moves, moves God to move. Anyone can believe God will act, AFTER He does.

Elisha's Bears

Was Elisha a bit harsh, to call out 2 bears to maul 42 little children just for mocking him for being bald? (Clue: there is every indication the "children" were young men under the age of 30, who were threatening more than words.)

Fanatical Predestination

If you are a Fanatical Predestinationist, please don't be offended by anything I have written in this article. I COULDN'T HELP IT.

Mr. Heretick

I have decided to be honest about my principal heresies (as others perceive them). Now, if you don’t have time to read this, I will understand. In fact, I would rather you not read this. Because if you read this, you may not want anything to do with me, and I would prefer to enjoy your fellowship. So if you will kindly not read this, I will have fulfilled my duty to warn you about me, without your knowledge of me having actually changed, and we can still be friends.

The 1 Corinthians 14 Pulpit: Pastoral Property, or Public Podium?

"God's Cure for Loneliness" <> "How we can turn 'church' into CHURCH!"


Is Christianity the Only Reasonable Religion? Is persuasive reasoning the modus operandi of Christians, and of all others, coercive censorship?

Psychology vs. the Bible You may trust the Bible, or you may trust Psychiatry, but you may not trust both. They are opposites on their most fundamental doctrines: concerning the number of roads to healing, the advisability of wallowing in the past, the legitimacy of guilt, the value of pride/self-esteem, the definition of love, the significance of eternity, and the necessity of Grace (whether we can earn our own healing).

History of Christian Political Involvement What Christians used to do, What Churches can legally do, What God says to do

Can Law-Abiding Christians Smuggle Bibles? Article by Richard Wurmbrand, applied to America by Uncle Ed.

When is it Righteous to Lie? Just as the U.S. Constitution provides for a suspension of Habeas Corpus in times of war, even so, America’s Spiritual Constitution, the Holy Bible, commends lying, but only under very extreme conditions.

Don't gloat too much because you don't kill your children, if you're still conceiving them out of wedlock Uncle Ed.'s challenge to an emailer

 What Day is the Sabbath, and how should we keep it Holy?

"Preaching: (should it contain only) Love, (or should it also teach) Judgment?" (Transcript of Uncle Ed. TV Show)

Six Literal Days

This is an excerpt from The Prehistoric Angel Diary by Dave Leach. This excerpt explains, from the perspective of angels, how billions of years of development of stars could occur while only Six Literal Days passed on Earth, and how their light, from millions of light years away, could reach the Earth after only 4 days.


Democracy marched in Israel 700 years before it limped in Greece

That's right! Moses' government was a representative democracy! A Republic! Even God was elected!

  Benefits of Sodomy Laws/Adultery Why laws restricting Sodomy will benefit families, America, and especially Sodomites. Part two: why God is so down on adultery. Nicolaitans Today

Who were the mysterious "Nicolaitans" of Rev. 2:6, 15 whose doctrines and deeds Jesus hated? 8 of 16 Bible commentators say they know. The other 8 say no one knows. I think the answer is clear, and it is a wake up call. This study supplements the presentation called "Prophesying Slides", on our home page, www.Saltshaker.US

"Galley slaves and coolies forced to work seven days a week became no better than beasts of burden. Higher civilizations rise when people can rest, think, and draw inspiration from God. Laws in America that mandated a day of rest from incessant commerce have been nullified as a violation of the separatio of church and state. In modern America, shopping centers, malls, and stores of every description carry on their frantic pace seven days a week. As an outright insult to God and His plan, only those policies that can be shown to have a clearly SECULAR purpose are recognized. What idiocy our society has indulged in by refusing to acknowledge the wisdom of God." p. 236

"Adolf Hitler once commented on the efforts of German evangelical clergymen to oppose his programs. "Their task is to prepare men's souls for heaven; they must leave the earth to me,' he said. What a job he did on earth without their advice.." P. 227, The New World Order, by Pat Robertson.

Second Chances
in the
Last Days

Many today look at Satan’s advances across America’s culture with despair, not based on doubt that God answers prayer, but based on popular theologies that say we are in the last days in which “things only get worse and worse” so we cannot reverse God’s Will. Here are seven Biblical reasons to get busy pushing those mountains of Depression in Hope! (One section of this is not finished. Just ignore it where the scaattered notes start.)


The Book

A treasure hunt through the Word of God that challenges:
<> the Protestant view that everyone who goes to Hell will remain there forever,
<> the Catholic view that some go to a Hell from which none leave while others go to a temporary Hell called "purgatory",
<> the Universalist view that says everyone will eventually be saved from Hell, and
<>the Annihilationist view that Hell's occupants will suffer a few thousand years and then cease to exist.

So what does that leave?

God's Grace does not endure only for the tiny sliver of time we live on Earth. See #9 below for a clue that it is offered even in Hell. But If your hard heart resists good, God, light, love, truth, evidence, life, and grace, now - doubting God's promises and coveting the fruits of darkness - what do you think will happen between now and Eternity to stop your pushing away God forever?

12 Bible Questions for Tradition

(from the book cover).

1. When the Bible talks about a purpose for fire, it is correction, Hebrews 12, a synonym of purification, Hebrews 12:29, Malachi 3:2, 1 Peter 4:12, Acts 2:3. Fire consumes dross from gold, and chaff from wheat, Matthew 3:12, which is an aspect of purification. The Greek word for fire is even spelled “pur”. Never does the Bible specify that God uses any kind of fire, anywhere or at any time, without this purpose. Certainly the doctrine, that each and every person who goes to Hell will remain there forever, implies that Hell never rehabilitates or purifies, since it would seem unreasonable for God to keep someone in Hell who has been purified. But the assumption that Hell’s purpose is pure torture, without any potential purification or rehabilitation of any kind, imposes on theology a purpose never given by God and contrary to the only purposes God ever gave.

2. When the purpose of God’s punishment is specified, it is always rehabilitation and restoration, Deuteronomy 28, Proverbs 19:18, 13:24, 22:15 23:13-14, 29:15, 17. God compares His purpose for punishment with that of loving parents, in Hebrews 12, concluding the chapter by calling Himself “consuming fire”.

9. Mark 9 describes “their (plural) worm (singular)” in Hell, alluding to a parallel passage in Isaiah 66, in which God could have mentioned a simple maggot, or any other worm, but instead specified the “crimson worm” whose blood sacrifice for its young on a piece of wood is a perfect metaphor of Jesus’ shed blood for us on the Cross, suggesting that Jesus’ cleansing blood is available even in Hell for the redemption of the damned who will finally turn to Him.

Click here for 9 more Bible reasons to doubt tradition, more of an introduction, links to a discussion wiki, and a place to purchase a PDF eBook for $4.95 or a 350 page (approximately) paperback book for $24.95.




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