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For MP3's, real audio files, and Quicktime movies, click HERE!


RealAudio files: What they are

Real Audio files are compressed to less than 2% of .wav or .aif file sizes, enabling your modem to deliver a sound file as fast as your computer can play it. In other words, click and listen. No download necessary. This is called "streaming". They are compressed either for delivery through 56K modems, or through 28K modems. The problem is that files "optimized" for 56K modems will not actually "stream" without pauses, which are a significant distraction when you are listening to music. There is a disadvantage to streaming: it does not download to your computer, so you can only listen to it while you are online, and at the website that offers the music streaming.

Where to get them

Real Audio G2 players are available at www.real.com but when you click on their "free" offer, you get a list of "upgrades" which are visually arranged so the one that looks like the one you should click, for the free version, turns out, a couple of clicks later, to cost $30 or so. That's great if you want the flashy model. If you want the free one, keep a sharp eye out for the little tiny-print notice in some dark corner about a "Free Real Player G2 with basic features". As of November 8, 1999, here is the Order Page for the free one. But in case you want to study all your options first, or if the Order Page changes its address, just click on www.real.com and negotiate the maze yourself.

About Our Files

The above files which we call "Downloadable RealAudio" are optimized for a 56K modem, for sound quality that compares with a small, cheap radio. They are not set up for you to "stream", or "click and listen", to them instantly; they are only set up for you to download. However, download time is only slightly longer than the song. Once they are on your computer, you can listen to them any time your computer is on. I have done it this way because I find it annoying to have a song stop for a coffee break, in the middle of a word.




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