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Resources, to help oppose Des Moines' drive to extend Civil Rights protection for Sexual Orientation

Picture: the "Tender Moment" on the "Sodomy" icon that brought you here was at the rally following the sodomite parade in Des Moines in 2000 AD. You can order a video of the event for $15. Mail check to: Sodomite Parade Video, The Partnership Machine, Inc., 137 E. Leach, Des Moines Iowa 50315

What I would try to do, if elected, about a publicly offensive attack on Jesus, conducted in a publicly-financed facility

What It Does (Summary and analysis of the Sodomite Civil Rights law enacted in Des Moines, Iowa, July 9, 2001 AD)

The "Conscience" Exemption (proposed amendment to the Sodomite Civil Rights law, which would create a way for landlords and employers with bona fide religious objections to renting to, or hiring, sodomites, to file for an exemption through the Human Rights Commission)

Illegal Opinion (P&A Report on the illegal "legal opinion" that was the reason given by Des Moines City Councilmembers for withdrawing their support from the "Conscience" Exemption)

First Des Moines Martyr: Herb Richards Arrested for warning homos about Hell

Sodomite Divorce Rate

What About Freedom of Religious Expression? (Includes Bible Study on sodomy)

"If God calls them "Sodomites", what should Christians call them?" Reasons to use the words God taught us.


   This obscene Nun/Harlot puppet was one of several ways sodomites profaned Christian symbols at the "Gay" parade in Des Moines, Iowa in 2000 AD.


This sodomite/Christian flag, attended by a sodomite wearing clerics at a pulpit, flew at the Des Moines Gay Pride parade in 2000 AD. The 2001 parade is June 10.

The Civil Rights Law which the Des Moines City Council enacted (The complete City record from the 1998 effort to pass this abomination, showing the record of public responses to the Human Rights Commission, and including the 20+ page law itself, unedited)

Millenial March in Washington: First hand report about Washington, D.C. sodomite march and "weddings".

How They Passed It (P&A Report from 2000 AD about evidence then that the Council planned to pass this, what they needed to do, and what citizens needed to do to stop it)




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