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The Child Abuse Industry

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<> Overhauling Child Abuse Law If you don't believe the testimony about problems with child abuse enforcement, just read the law: it would be a miracle if there WEREN'T problems that serious. Specific proposals for changing Iowa's child abuse law, Chapter 232, The Juvenile Code. Here are some endorsements of them:

"There wasn't anything in these 38 pages I would take issue with. Your analysis of the problems is right on." John Harvey, VOCAL.

"You've researched this thoroughly, and everything looks very good. You've nailed the problems." Barb Stirling, Republican Candidate for State Senate, about DHS initiative

"We truly appreciate and respect your dedication to run for office and determination to advance Christian principles these many years. Keep up the good work." Frank Brown, FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Amendment Association)

<> As Scientific As the KKK This is the article quoted by the Supreme Court to define "science" in order to determine whose testimony should be admissible as "scientific evidence". The Court quoted this article by Karl Popper which explains why Psychotherapy is no more "scientific" than astrology, the race-hating theories of Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan, or pagan myths.

<> Psychiatry and Junk Science Psychiatric testimony based on Freudian psychoanalytic concepts should now be inadmissable as scientific evidence.

<> Daubert in the News This article shows Federal Judges have not forgotten about the 1993 Daubert decision, a case establishing that psychiatry is not a science. (See our companion article "Psychiatry and Junk Science".)

<> The World's Peace



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