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Preserving the "Legitimate Objects of Matrimony"

or, "How to 'sane'itize Divorce Law"

Iowa law permits divorce only after "the court is satisfied that the legitimate objects of matrimony have been destroyed". The law says this has to be proved in court, where the other spouse is allowed to offer rebuttal evidence that the "legitimate objects of matrimony" are not destroyed yet but granting the divorce would certainly destroy them! The law doesn't permit the court to be satisfied with a mere unsupported allegation of one spouse, that nothing is left of the marriage. But courts care so little about destroying "the legitimate objects of matrimony" that after 35 years they still haven't even gotten around to defining what they are. Maybe if we gave them a little help, they would stop throwing away good marriages.

Do-it-Yourself -- Stop-A-Divorce Kit

This kit will actually give you sound legal arguments you can use in court to try to persuade the divorce judge NOT to grant the divorce! This kit begins with a list of factors to help you decide if this kit is for you. This kit is tailored for Iowa, but its principles apply in most states. However, in another state you will need to find laws and court cases from your state that correspond to those cited here.

Uncle Ed.'s Personal Warning to Anyone who Dares Divorce!

You want Uncle Ed.'s permission to get a divorce? Check here to learn how, or if.

What Can You Do When There is Nothing You Can Do?

Uncle Ed's advice to a mother devastated by divorce and loss of custody to a homosexual

The Magic Paragraph

The Magic Paragraph that will heal broken families, (when enacted in law), Statement of an Appellate Judge concerning what courts need, and court cases showing how each phrase of The Magic Paragraph meets a need created by an Iowa Supreme Court ruling.

The paragraph restores public respect for parental maturity and responsibility. The paragraph affects, directly, only how justly child custody is decided in a divorce hearing. But it would also make divorce less enchanting to parents looking into it. Combined with public education, it has the potential of greatly reducing divorce.

6 Grounds for Divorce

Fornication, spousal abuse, child abuse, freeloading, abandonment, unreasonableness as measured by consensus of witnesses


Model Divorce Law (Coming soon)

Iowa lawmakers have considered a bill that comes close to a perfect divorce law; perfect, as measured by the standard of God's Laws. But on so personal a problem as divorce, close to perfect isn't perfect enough. The existing law, requiring EVIDENCE of a marriage breakdown before divorce was granted, was close to perfect, but its small deficiencies, in not defining "the legitimate objects of matrimony", were magnified by courts until there remains virtually no /law at all: divorce is always granted, no exceptions, for no reason. That will happen again if a "fault" based law is created which does not provide for all the legitimate reasons for granting divorce: confused judges will out of a necessity create a loophole, which then, in their spiritual darkness, they will expand the loophole until it swallows the entire law.

This study searches God's Word for ALL the legitimate reasons for divorce, and drafts them in legal language which any pagan lawyer can understand. The law would make divorce less automatic when there is no legitimate reason for it.

Divorce would not be impossible. But a spouse who files for a divorce that is not necessary could no longer expect everybody to carry the burdens it creates but him or herself. Division of the family assets would finally take into consideration responsibility for the financial ruin caused by a spouse who files for an unnecessary divorce, or who makes a divorce necessary. Child custody would take into consideration the evidence of commitment to the best interests of the children, when a spouse files for an unnecessary divorce or makes a divorce necessary.



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