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     Help SLIC S.L.I.C.!  Serve with us! Advise one of us how we can serve better!

      By "us", I mean me (Dave Leach) and Jesus. Help me do something for Jesus by the day we celebrate as His birthday!
      Are you willing to
help stop legal infanticide by Christmas, if you knew you had a way to do it? Do you care enough to find a way to do it, that when someone tells you there is a way, you will take the time to investigate it? Are you willing to take different actions than you have ever taken, in order to reach a result you have never experienced? Then please:

* Study this strategy: prepare yourself to present it to others. If any part of it is unwise, communicate with those necessary to correct it.

* Contact state lawmakers, personhood initiative leaders, prolife leaders, and lawyers. To encourage them to take the time to evaluate this opportunity, find at least two other prolifers to contact them with you. (Matthew 18:20)

* Show them what they can do to achieve what they have publicly declared they want to achieve.

* Report back to SLIC helpers with responses so we can discuss how best to follow up.

* Just as Jesus set His standards before all but focused on spiritual leaders, we need to take every opportunity to bring them on board, not with Lone Ranger pronouncements, but together, quietly,  Mat 18:15-17.

That’s all! When the righteous march together, what enemy will stand?

Psalm 91:7  A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Exodus 12:12-13, Leviticus 26:6-9, Daniel 11:32

If you care about turning hearts back to God, there is no surer way to rivet their attention, than to seriously threaten their freedom to sin, by supporting laws that criminalize crime.



SLIC is a ministry of The Partnership Machine, Inc. Contact: Dave Leach, 4110 SW 9th, Des Moines IA 50315. 515/244-3711 SLIC@Saltshaker.US Members can strategize, sharing progress reports with each other, at the SLIC Facebook group, and talk.saltshaker.US/wiki


Prepare mailings (USPS, e)

Write letters, call

Respond to objections

Legal research

Coordinate volunteers

Network with groups

Witness to reporters

Pay for mailings & phone

Officers-backup leadership

Reinforcement emails (Mat
18:16) to critical contacts

Re (Mat 18:16)

Refund policy: your money back for any product if requested within 2 weeks of receipt. Our only product is the Prayer & Action News, for which we ask at least $10 a year, but if someone asks we will send it free. We accept donations.