Paid for by Friends of Freedom for Dave Leach (Actually this doesn’t cost anything but the law makes me say this)



   Thinks if the word “sodomites” is good enough for God, it's good enough for Dave Leach.

   Thinks families should be harder to tear apart than this paper.    

    Would like to inoculate divorce courts and child abuse bureaucrats with Common Sense serum.

   Wants Americans to quit pretending that the following are “irrelevant” to public policy debate:

   * The slaughter of millions of our youngest citizens.

   * Evidence of the harm to our economy, mental , and physical health from sodomy, promiscuity, divorce, gambling, pornography, and canceling effective programs that invoke God.

* Evidence of global cooling, along our march toward global warming tyranny.

   * Scriptures, when they are the real reasons for our positions.  


When Americans are censored from appealing to the highest principles they know, they are ruled by the lowest principles they can tolerate.

    Is tired of talking in third person, and is ready to move forward with first person.

    I am not unconcerned with more mundane details like budgets, appropriations, administrative laws, etc. But issues like abortion are measures of how well you can trust a lawmaker with more obscure issues. If a man can’t even be trusted to acknowledge that our youngest citizens are human beings, and act like it matters, where almost everyone knows they are and no one dares deny that they are, how can you trust him with your money where he is not being watched and where the issues are not readily understood?


   It is not “hate” to quote a God of Love Who inspires us to stop missing our own goals (the definition of the Greek word for “sin”).

    It is not “hate” to contrast the vision of Love in the Bible with the vision of “peace” in the Koran.

    The only area where I depart significantly from the Republican platform is immigration. The so-called “conservative” position abandons the Bible and the way our nation operated for its first century. It is so opposed to allowing people to cross our borders to come help us that it is willing to drive them all back with schemes like the E-Verify system, which puts my Republican friends on the paving crew for the Mark of the Beast. Friends, take warning from Matthew 25:39-45 and Revelation 14:9-11.

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