Chet Gallagher Endorsement.

Chet is on the board of Personhood Colorado, and a leader of the Colorado personhood initiative, the only one out of several states to make it all the way to the November election. I had a McDonald's with him when he passed through Des Moines recently. Here he talks about my campaign:

Stephen Singular Endorsement

I would appreciate light on the Register’s regular charge against me, that I support the murderer of a doctor. They silence the story that I have given Scott Roeder arguments judges try to silence but which are “incredibly elaborate well thought out” said Criminal trial author Stephen Singular on In Session, in this clip. I argue that a type of Life at Conception Act passed, 6 years ago, giving legislatures a legal green light to outlaw abortion already. Brenna Findley (Republican Attorney General candidate for Iowa) and Chuck Hurley (heads IFPC, James Dobson's Iowa branch) have studied these arguments and have not identified any flaw in them. We can end abortion.

(This Singular Endorsement video doesn't seem to play for me unless I click on the progress bar, then "play".)

Unsolicited Phone Call

Would you like to WATCH an unsolicited phone call I sent out? This features a 9-year-old girl I was able to hire for a couple of gumballs. (One minute.) Here are two later calls you can only listen to (without video): my October 30 Call and my November 1 Call.

Christian Radio Ad

I arranged for this ad, paid for it, and then spent a day writing and recording it. But when the KPSZ Christian Radio manager heard it he wouldn't allow it! Why? Because he won't allow the word "gay" in an ad! As in, "I oppose gay marriage." I wasn't allowed to use the word "homosexual", or our Loving God's word choice, "sodomite", either! I was allowed to say "same sex", but that didn't solve the next sentence, "Senator McCoy is gay." Celia Rodine insisted that need not be said, since everybody knows it. Oh? Nearly all the Democrats I've talked to didn't know that! Why would a Christian radio station be in the business of making sure no one else finds out? Celia said the manager's concern was for little children who might hear it and ask their mommies embarrassing questions. (Why would a child be more alarmed by the word "gay" than by the word "sex?) So I proposed that they simply air the ads while children are in school. No answer. They just refunded my money. Oh well, here's the ad: KPSZ Ad

My WHO Radio commercial explaining in one minute what happened to the Leach-McCoy Debate scheduled for October 19

Letter to Des Moines Pastors, Smuggling Bibles

Dave Leach, offering Des Moines voters an alternative to Senator Matt McCoy, is writing a letter he is about to mail to Des Moines pastors. He shares some of it, with the agreement of two families present, who carry those "disgusting" pictures showing what abortion does to babies. Then Dan Holman reports on his trip to Cuba last week, to smuggle Bibles. He had to violate U.S. law as much as Cuban law, to do it.

Excerpt from the letter to pastors: "The doctrine that there should be a 'wall of separation between God’s Wisdom and man’s policies', so that therefore a man like me who quotes God in defense of my policies forfeits his credibility, came from pastors like you. I am challenging you, echoing President Reagan regarding a similarly tragic wall, 'Mr. Pastor, tear down this wall!'”

Letter to Pastors \ Smuggling Bibles Into Cuba

TV Show: "Debate Rules from Hell"

Voters instinctively understand that rules prohibiting TV cameras at a political debate must be created by someone with something to hide. But that's nothing: I was required to agree not to tell anyone later what was said! And if I strayed from the subjects dictated by two liberal groups, a lawyer was supposed to object. I couldn't even stray from those subjects in my closing statement, and no opening statement was allowed!
Debate Rules from Hell

Out-of-the-Closet Christian Interviewed by Out-of-the-Closet Sodomite News Reporters

Anatomy of a Rumor

     The rumor: that I believe you can get AIDS from shaking hands, which is an argument for the need for more AIDS education. Which in this political climate, means, starting in Kindergarten.
     I am Dave Leach, candidate for the Iowa Senate, and watch dog of traditional values. Rekha Basu ("RecklessWithTruth") is an opinionist for the Des Moines Redstar, and an attack dog for pagan values. This is my response to her Sept 10 hit piece on me and on Jan Mickelson, WHO Radio talk show, and to Dr. Claire's "letter to the editor" Sept 25 based on Reckless's recklessness. Here's the PDF version. The video is below:

Articles in Hispanic Newspapers

I find, in the Pages of God, a win-win solution for every immigration problem. Unfortunately many Republicans are determined to oppose any plan that "wins" for America, if it also "wins" for immigrants. Here I read a couple of articles (in English) which were published, in Spanish, in El Latino and En Foque.

My Association with a Killer - and even worse, with God

As Jesus mixed with "sinners" to help them stop sinning, I communicate with Scott Roeder because his case presents the opportunity to end ALL the violence - in and outside the womb. Also, I associate with God. I even quote Him, even where people hate His words. Here's why.

Statement about Koran burnings: