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   June 13, 2010

   I’m not sure what to make of this, but did you know I got more votes than incumbent Matt McCoy in the Iowa Primary June 8, 2010? I got 2081 votes, and he got 1959 votes!

    It’s so exciting that I hope you will forgive me if I struggle to keep this in perspective: we weren’t on the ballot against each other. It was a primary; he was unopposed by any Democrat, and I was unopposed by any Republican. It is the November general election where we will actually be against each other.

    Still! If he wins in November, shouldn’t I be able to say “That’s one for you and one for me! Wanna go for a tiebreaker?”

McCoy-Leach Debate Oct 19!
     McCoy agreed to a debate, but when the rules finally arrived Oct 11, they said:
     <> TV reporters are not allowed to broadcast highlights,
     <> the event organizers claimed the rights to any film taken,
     <> the candidates must agree not to use any content from the debate in their campaign promotions,
     <> no opening statements are allowed,
     <> all questions are created by two organizations strongly sympathetic politically to one of the candidates,
     <> any straying from the authorized subjects by the other candidate will be cut off by the moderator,
     <> the closing statement must also be limited to the subjects raised by those questions!
     All the questions will be selected by the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa and another equally liberal group affiliated with the AFL-CIO.  
     On Feb 16, the IAI persuaded 117 October 14, the Register said the IAI blasted the initiative to vote out 3 judges from the Iowa Supreme Court.
     McCoy is the reason we have a serious initiative today to remove 3 judges from the Supreme Court bench, according to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which said in its endorsement, “McCoy has been instrumental in promoting equality across Iowa for years. When a ban [on] marriage equality was proposed in 2005, Republicans controlled the state Senate – without Matt's eloquent advocacy, many onlookers believe the ban would have passed.” Had McCoy let the ban pass, the Constitutional Amendment would have gone before voters in 2006, and probably again in 2008, making impossible the 2009 Supreme Court


117 clergy to sign a letter to lawmakers in support of gay marriage. The Oct 14 Register says the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa blasted the initiative to vote out 3 Supreme Court justices. McCoy is the reason that initiative is necessary. According to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, “McCoy has been instrumental in promoting equality across Iowa for years. When a ban [on] marriage equality was proposed in 2005, Republicans controlled the state Senate – without Matt's eloquent advocacy, many onlookers believe the ban would have passed.” Had McCoy let the ban pass, the Constitutional Amendment would have gone before voters in 2006, and probably again in 2008, making impossible the 2009 Supreme Court order forcing Iowans to accept "gay" marriage, and saving us having to vote three Supreme Court judges off the bench. By contrast, I am strongly opposed to gay marriage, and strongly supportive of the initiative to remove the justices. Yet IAI is put in charge of dictating the subjects upon which I may speak?
     Complete Debate Record: Problems with the rules, how it all started, negotiations for the debate.
     Sodomy shortens lifetimes by 1/3. Sodomites call it "bigoted" to say it, and attempt censorship, but offer no alternative figure, much less evidence for it. Leach told a sodomite news team he opposes gay marriage because "a behavior which shortens lives way more than smoking ought not be encouraged by law." Here is the documentation for the figure.

Latest News

Letter to 290 Des Moines Pastors

This letter was not designed to get votes, but to restore America. Excerpt from the letter to pastors: "The doctrine that there should be a 'wall of separation between God’s Wisdom and man’s policies', so that therefore a man like me who quotes God in defense of my policies forfeits his credibility, came from pastors like you. I am challenging you, echoing President Reagan regarding a similarly tragic wall, 'Mr. Pastor, tear down this wall!'” Letter to Pastors.pdf

Research: Roe's "collapse" acknowledged by Congress

August 22: Dave Leach has just posted his notes on the Congressional debate before passage of Laci's Law in 2004. The Democrats unanimously said the law, once passed, would establish the "personhood" of unborn babies, undermining, if not ending, legal abortion. Republicans agreed the law would establish the personhood of the unborn, although some of them said establishing unborn personhood would not "collapse" Roe. (See CongressionalRecord2004.pdf.)

Republican leadership censures Republican candidate for agreeing with God about sodomy; Leach sides with candidate

August 20: Here is the complete record: the articles about the censure of Jeremy Walters, the candidate, my emails to reporter Jason Hancock, his articles based on my emails, comments after the articles, and all the blogs and other news sources that picked up Jason's articles. Towards the end of my research I found, right next to an angry article about what I said, an angry article about WHO Radio host Jan Mickelson saying almost the same thing.

Jared Strong Gets it Wrong

September 7, 2010
     Today's article began: "The man who gained national attention last year for his support of the killer of a Kansas abortion doctor will challenge a 14-year senator in the November election.
     Dave Leach’s comment: What an opening! No mention of the nature of my “support”, which was writing a brief which Scott Roeder submitted into his record which, if successful, will bring an end to ALL the violence – in and outside the womb!
      Jared knew all that; in fact, he had my 200+ word statement explaining it, but he chose not to publish it, but to instead publish my terse initial statement when I was under the impression he would only allow 35 words.
    Of course, my lengthier statement would have interfered with his characterization of me as the supporter of a killer. Strong also got it wrong saying I "attacked" McCoy for his "sexual orientation". (See complete article.On November 2, the morning of the election, almost the same story, with all the same distortions, was reprinted.)

"Bible And Politics" Series at www.Examiner.com

Bible&Politics PDF File- - - - - - Link to my articles at www.Examiner.com

I became the Des Moines, Iowa “Examiner” in the “Politics and Religion” area. I have used the opportunity to create a series of articles explaining why it is important that Christians cite the authority of the Bible in support of their political positions which are, in fact, inspired by the Bible. The series began July 4, 2010. The articles to date:

1 “It’s not just the economy, stupid!” A report on the July 4 Tea Party Rally in Des Moines, documenting the bold acknowledgment of God welling up in the Tea Party movement.

2 “Acknowledging God, but never quoting Him.” Although God is affirmed in general, is He ever quoted in connection with specific issues, to show that the positions we believe are based on the Bible, actually are? Observations of the Tea Party rally, the Iowa Renewal Project in which hundreds of pastors gathered to hear political information, and an email from David Farrah.

3 “The Power of God’s Sword” Report on the Iowa Renewal Project. The effectiveness of quoting God, even where the world insists you just lost them.

4 “Bible no basis for modern laws, says Register” Answering attacks on the relevance of God.

5 “Bible has always been the basis for U.S. law” Fear that quoting God will turn America into a “theocracy” is ignorance of how much our laws are patterned after the Bible. Forsaking God now risks forfeiting our freedoms.

6 “The Woman Caught in Adultery: how U.S. law follows Jesus’ example” The principle of Jury Nullification in American law.

7 “Good Morals are Good Economics”. Without morals, a long list of threats to America result.

8 “Dehumanizing Infanticide”. The undermining of all rights, by the destruction of the right to Life.

9 “Not just anybody’s idea of ‘good morals’ will do.” Why relativism is no help protecting you from someone whose ‘religion’ is to kill you.

10. America needs not vague “good morals”, but God’s morals.

11. Marriage Repair

12. Marriage repair part two: is it possible without God?


     June 24 Press Release - I would like to suggest the following legal defense, in court, for Bernard Lear, arrested in Des Moines, IA June 23 for shooting his dog in its face. He apparently failed to kill it, and then tried to drown it, but failed that also, and left the dog to die.
(News articles: Appendix 2.)
     This proposed defense assumes the dog was Lear’s, and Lear was not destroying another person’s property. This assumption was implied in news reports. Proposed legal defense: I challenge the constitutionality of the laws under which I am arrested, on the ground that they fail the Supreme Court’s “Absurd Result” test. (See appendix 1 for a court’s explanation)      They give a dog a greater right to life than a human being, which is clearly absurd.
     Laci and Conner’s Law establishes all unborn babies as human beings. (See the REST of the story.)
      Update: Bernard's daughter responded to my letter to him, on his behalf. They are considering this defense.


    June 10, 2010

   Today the first batch of 700 postcards went to voters with birthdays in the next few days.  

     August 3 Update: My birthday card made the business section of the Des Moines Register! The "Biz Buzz" column summarizes my card:

      Biz owner, Senate candidate: Make music with me By Lynn Hicks

Dave Leach has outdone Biz Buzz on birthday wishes. Mixing political and business advertising, the candidate for state Senate is sending out postcards on voters’ birthdays. He’s offering a free music lesson at his store, the Family Music Center, on Des Moines’ south side. And, you can air the song you learn on his cable TV program, the “Uncle Ed. Show.” “Offer expires when Dave Leach expires,” the postcard says. ... “I’m called a crazy, extremist, anti-abortion, traditional marriage-loving fanatic. But who would you rather have: me, or someone who STILL supports Obama?” he asks in the mailing. See Campaign Postcard.