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Watering the Family Tree

1. Introduction: Why Study Geneology?

2. The Grimmius Family Reunion, Grundy Center Senior Center, July 20, 2002 AD.

3. The Leach/Barnes Family Trees (Not yet posted)

1. Why Study Geneology?

<> Because when we don't know about the holes our ancestors tripped in, we won't know to step around them ourselves. "We HAVE to learn from our ancestors' mistakes, because we don't have TIME to make them all ourselves." (Posted in the Mutch More Museum, Grundy Center, Iowa.)

<> It is easier, requiring less self discipline, for humans to love "their own"; consequently, the more humans we know our family connection to, the more humans we can easily love. (That's why God made only one human, and made all the rest proceed from him, to make it easier for us to love each other. God created animals differently: in swarms, flocks, herds, schools, gaggles, etc., all at once, because they have less need to love, since they lack our capacity to choose between alternatives and create either good or evil.)

<> It's fine to focus on the future and try to do everything bigger and better than before. But if we don't know anything about "before", how do we know we're doing ANYTHING bigger or better?

<> When we take the long view, looking way past the faults of our parents and grandparents, we are set free from our fear that the faults of our fathers will attach to us and limit us; because over our family history we see heroes give birth to fools, and fools give birth to heroes. We see heredity does not bind us, but only our choices, whether to grasp the hand of God. Of course this is also humbling, to realize we can no longer blame our own sins on our parents.

<> When we understand where our ancestors got off track, we have a better idea where to get back on.

<> On those rare but blessed occasions where we stumble across a family line that traces all the way back to Adam, the blinders of Evolution crumble away, as family members not only see new evidence confirming Biblical chronology, but suddenly have an emotional stake in believing the evidence! The knowledge of a documented family line even inclines us emotionally to argue with someone who insists our real ancestors scratched their hairy armpits for entertainment while singing "hoo-hoo-hoo."

<> Knowing which of our ancestors lived through which periods of history, such as wars, gives us a personal glimpse of history; while the stories handed down with our family trees often include details not available from school.

2. The Grimmius Family Reunion, Grundy Center Senior Center, July 20, 2002 AD

A. Background of the Event

B. Group Photo

C. Names, family connection, and addresses of family members in the photo.

D. Quicktime Movie of everyone in the picture announcing their names, parent's names, and wise cracks.

A. Background of the Event

These near neighbors would be strangers to this day had not Bert Grimmius, a policeman in the Netherlands, come to the U.S. to see how far his family had run in order to get away from each other. He says most of the family left the Netherlands; his own great grandfather, he says in the movie, is "the one who stayed".

So Bert packed up his family, after persuading a few relatives he located to help round up all the Grimmiuses they could find to come pig out on potluck. As one of the pigs, I have to say it was a very good idea. The movie below even documents the confession of one of the clan that food alone drew him; not family love at all.

Bert and his family stayed in Grundy Center 4 days, and then headed off for another state and another roundup of fleeing Grimmiuses. The reunion lasted from about 11 to 5. Afterwards Ken and Jane Mutch invited us over to their awesome Mutch More Museum, which contained artifacts from a broom-making operation to tools left over from an Iowa ship yard! Yes, Iowa ship yard!

The food -- er, I mean the idea was so good, that it may even be that some Grimmiuses, now that they have met, may even get together again, even after Bert goes back home!

To that end, we have gathered addresses as well as names and family connections, to enable the klan to kommunicate.

B. Group Photo. This picture is low resolution for quick loading. Click on this picture for a high quality picture which will be much better for printing. It's about 500K, so it will take maybe 3-4 minutes to load. You might want to stretch out the photo so it fills a legal size sheet of paper.

C. Names and Addresses of Phamily in the Photo.

The order of names listed here matches the order in the photo. The order in which people gave their names in the movie, below, is a little different. Unfortunately there were a few faces half hidden in the photo, which only come out of hiding during the movie. Maybe they got shy, after I told them I wanted to shoot them. I don't know. Some people are hard to figger.

(Some people left before we could confirm their name spellings, so we guessed as well as we could from the audio. Please contact us with any additions or corrections so we can be accurate.)


(1st from left, white shirt) Ryan Grimmius, son of Jim & Bonnie Grimmius -

(2nd, flowered dress) Bonnie Grimmius, wife of Jim Grimmius -

(3rd, black shirt) Robert Grimmius, son of Jim & Bonnie Grimmius

(4th from left, red blouse) Pam Grimmius Van Hauen, dau of Bob and Mary Lou Grimmius -

(5th, striped shirt not very visible-in back) Jim Grimmius, son of Leno & Hannah Grimmius - same adrs as Bonnie

(6th-in front of Pam, peach top) Nancy Grimmius Mackie, daughter of Eltjo (Joe) & Emma Grimmius

(7th from left) Barry Alexia, husband of Glenda Grimmius Alexia -

(8th, grey shirt) Mike Flater, son of Ron & Eileen, "well one of the Eileen Grimmiuses here - the blond one"

(9th, in front of Mike, ivory top) Terri Grimmius Simms, daughter of Bob & Mary Lou Grimmius - 22412 310th St, Beaman IA 50609

(10th, dark blue shirt) Ron Flater, husb. of "one of the 2 Eileen Grimmiuses & hope to take the right one home" - 25035 M Ave Grundy Center IA 50638 -

(11th, white top in front of Ron F.) Mary Lou Grimmius, wife of Robert (Bob) Grimmius - 1109 H Ave Grundy Center IA 50638 -

(12th, blue dress) Dorothy Barnes Leach, daughter of Lawrence (Larry) & Rachel Grimmius Barnes, gr dau of Dick & Lena Grimmius -

(13th, black shirt in back) Robert (Bob) Grimmius, son of Harm & Minnie Grimmius - same adr as Mary Lou

(14th, peach blouse, next to Dorothy L.) Eileen Grimmius Snater, dau of Cort & Helen Grimmius - Minnesota -- <>

(15th, white shirt in back, moustache) Klaas Snater, native of Netherlands - same adr as Eileen Snater

(16th, short woman in back next to Klaas-only partially visible) Yvonne Grimmius, wife of Henry Grimmius - 202 9th Ave, Sibley IA 51249

(17th, blond woman, green top with vest) Eileen Grimmius Flater, dau of Willis & Louise Grimmius - same adr as Ron Flater

(18th, black/white checked shirt in back) Henry Grimmius, son of Leeno & Grace Grimmius - same adr as Yvonne G.

(19th, black top in front of Henry) Jane Grimmius Mutch, dau of Marie Grimmius, gr dau of Menke & Jennie Grimmius - Mutch's Historical Museum, 304 7th St, Grundy Center IA 50638, 319-824-6125; 825-6244; 825-6776

(20th, striped shirt in back) Ken Mutch, husb of Jane Grimmius Mutch - Mutch's Historical Museum

(21st, white shirt, moustache, in back) Gary Grimmius, son of Cort & Helen Grimmius - PO Box 492. Waite Park MN 56387

(22nd, white blouse, dark jacket) Linda Grimmius Moody, dau of Leno & Hannah Grimmius

(23rd, gray shirt in back) Gordon Blenderman, husb. of Shirley Grimmius Blenderman - 3200 Aurora, Des Moines IA 50310 - <>

(24th, light blue outfit in front of Gordon) Louise Grimmius, wife of Willis Grimmius who is son of Ben Grimmius, who is son of Ben Grimmius - 1207 I Ave, Grundy Center IA 50638

(25th, white top green designer vest) Mary Schmidt, dau of Gertie DeLange Schmidt, gr of Tena Grimmius DeLange - 1207 9th St, Grundy Center IA 50638

(26th, white shirt, black shorts) Tom Moody, husb of Linda Grimmius Moody



(1st from right) Helen Grimmius, wife of Cort Grimmius

(2nd from right) Merejo Grimmius, wife of Bret Grimmius, from Netherlands -

(3rd) Bret Grimmius, great grndson of the Grimmius who stayed in the Netherlands - adr same as Merejo

(4th) Alyce DeLange Flater, dau of Heiko & Tena Grimmius Delange, sister of Gertie-seated 3rd from left - 409 C Ave, Grundy Center Ia 50638

(5th) Willis Grimmius, son of Ben Grimmius, grndson of Ben Grimmius, brother of Shirley Blender to his right - adr same as Louise G.

(6th) Shirley Grimmius Blenderman, dau of Ben Grimmius Jr & gr dau of Ben Grimmius Sr, sister of Willis next to her - same adr as Gordon Blenderman

(7th) Gertie Schmidt, daughter of Heiko & Tena Grimmius DeLange, sister of Alyce Flater-4th from right - same adr as Mary Schmidt

(8th) Rachel Grimmius Barnes, duaghter of Dick & Lena Grimmius, grnd dau of John (Jan) Grimmius - 608 I Ave, Grundy Center IA 50638

(9th-end on left) Lawrence (Larry) Barnes, husb of Rachel Grimmius Barnes - same adr as Rachel B.


(1st from left) Glenda Grimmius Alexia, dua of Willis & Louise Grimmius - same adr as Barry Alexia

(2nd) Ian Alexia, son of Glenda Alexia

(3rd) Yale Alexia, son of Glenda Alexia

(4th) Jennifer Simms, dau of Jeff & Terri Simms

(6th) Adrianne Alexia, dau of Glenda Alexia

(7th) Chris Grimmius, son of Bert & Merejo Grimmius

(8th) Mark Grimmius, son of Bert & Merejo Grimmius

(9th) Bionca Grimmius, dau of Bert & Merejo Grimmius

Also in attendance but leaving before picture taken were Tara & Andrea Flater, duaghters of Ron & Eileen Flater. (Anyone else who left early that we missed???)

And, behind the camera, not in picture, Dave Leach, husb of Dorothy Leach -

D. Quicktime Movie

Click on title below to view a quicktime movie, 2.1 mg, optimized for 56K connections, of everyone in this picture stating their name, family connection, and wise cracks.

Grimmius Reunion Movie




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