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This site is provided not only that you may learn about me, but also as a model of how Christians may more freely Witness, in the political forums where society decides which sins to prohibit and which to protect.

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 The Miracle Trail! God's Fellowship on the Campaign trail: Diary of Uncle Ed.'s campaign, the lessons won, the victories granted!

Responses to media attacks

"Moderate Republicans" & Liberal Democrats: just the Symptom --Solve the Problem, and they will go away "There is a little "moderate Republican" in all of us, and also a little "ultra conservative" in all of us. ...there are positions you take which you expect are too unpopular to succeed; so if someone else comes along asking your support for the same position you have, you tell him he is stupid to think he will get anywhere, and you leave him in the dust. So right there, you can relate to moderates, and you can relate to ultra conservatives, all in the same example." Script of a feature of the Uncle Ed. Show #269, which first aired May 23 & 27, 2000 AD

Survey: Should political fliers be outlawed?

My Streaming, screamin' speech at the Polk County Republican Convention March 4, 2000 AD!

Letter to pastors, regarding "Was Washington Right?" rally and TV witnessing opportunities.

Clinton, Keyes & Me! "Mixing Politics & Religion" Transcript of my television interview with President Clinton, and with Presidential candidate Alan Keyes. The only difference is that my interview with the latter was with the REAL Alan Keyes.

Clear Choice June 6 God is letting you choose between two candidates which are as alike as two candidates can be, except for one very important difference, so that the basis of your choice will be very clear. Published in The Dave Leach (State) Representative, May 2000 AD, distributed door to door in House District #67, Des Moines' South Side

Non-Campaign stuff Bathroom Humor in the News "We made fun of outsiders, turning the innocent into our victims, just like your ad ridicules anyone who doesn't appreciate your taste in music and disk jockeying. We didn't realize we were hurting anyone, until later, when we grew up. " Script of a feature of The Uncle Ed. Show #269, first aired May 23 & 27, 2000 AD

 Why Phonics is Such a Big Deal English is a "phonetic" language, as compared with a "pictograph" language like Chinese. But when the "rules of phonics" (all the sounds of all the letters and letter combinations) are not drilled until students know every single one of them (there aren't that many to learn; a kindergartner can easily master them), our simple phonetic written language is turned, in effect, into a complicated pictograph system.

"Separation of Common and Sense" Should we allow teachers to inspire their students with the highest ideals they know, whatever they are? Or censor them, leaving students with the lowest values society can tolerate?

How long have Christians been like this? A brief history of Christian politicall non-involvement

The Goldwater Doctrine

"I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution, or that have failed in their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is 'needed' before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents' interests, I shall reply that I was informed their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can." - Former Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.), "The Conscience of a Conservative"

"Paid for by Neighbors for Dave Leach" is the statement the Campaign Finance Disclosure commission says I should slap on my web site. I asked them "what if it's not paid for?" They said "slap it on their anyway." (They said it orally, so I'm not positive that's how they were spelling "there", but it probly was.) Actually this is paid for by me. That is, to such an extent that it is paid for. This site costs me $10 a month. Since I own the Family Music Center, and since this site bears a fairly large ad for the store, it is a legitimate deductible advertising expense, so that's what I tell the IRS it is. (I don't charge the IRS for my time.) But hey, now that silly untrue statement is on the website, so now everybody is happy. Now that my campaign is over, perhaps the Campaign Finance Disclosure commission (actually they have a new name now, which I can't remember) doesn't care if this untrue statement is still here on my website. But if it was "legally true" during my cammpaign, wouldn't it be "legally true" to this day? Now it looks like candidates have to say something new: "I approve of this message." Well, in case anyone cares, I do that, too.




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